($7 delivery price)Cree T6 1000-Lume Led headlamp from Myled.com

Link :

Now use the code : bdealever
Then you can buy this headlamp with $7 (delivery price) only
Limited to 20 pcs only , get it before gone !

I’ll give it a try.

Interesting… XML + 8.4V buck driver for $7.

Ordered. :slight_smile:

:crown: thank you

limited quantity :slight_smile:

How many output modes? I guess it’s single mode since there’s no mention about it…

What’s the maximum cell length that can be accommodated in the batt holder?

I decided to give it a try. For $7 it’s worth a shot I guess

In time it adds up and you end up thinking that for the money you could have bought yourself a nice quality light which is a pleasure to use.

Looks very familiar. I have one similar in the drawer.

It's most probably a 3-mode (Hi-Lo-Strobe), 2x18650 parallel (= 4.2V) light.

For the price it's more than ok (requires DC Fix diffuser film for my liking though) => ordered two. :)

Thanks for the deal!

Thank you! ordered :wink:

Yes, I have to keep telling myself that when I see these very cheap deals for older LEDs. This looks to be the same headlamp with an XM-L2: http://www.fasttech.com/product/1628300-singfire-l-05-1-cree-xm-l2-t6-3-mode-850lm-cool

That thing weighs a ton. You really want to walk around looking like a coal miner? Fugetaboutit

I placed an order and my Paypal was charged $28.19.
At the last page after a discount of $7.78, the headlamp was $3.60, shipping was $3.40, and the grand total was $7.00. Placed the order. Then I got a Paypal receipt email and it was showing $28.19. What?
Anybody ordered this headlamp? Did you check your receipt?

.. $13.33 (for 2pcs, including shipping) = correct amount.

Maybe someone snagged the last one while you were paying?

It’s possible that I missed the last one. I have sent them an email. Let’s see what they say.

The shipping and handling was $24.59 :open_mouth:

Ordered one,
no mention of mode but 8.4v , lamp only meaning batteries not included .

I have 3 of these exact headlamps, they are not 8.4 volts, they have 2 18650’s parallel at 4.2 volts.

Modes are Hi-Lo-Strobe. One caveat, you do have to cycle through remaining modes to turn it off.

This is a good price, these are nice headlamps.


Thank you !

nice deal on a cheapo headlamp. Just ordered 1. Thank you.