[77outdoor] High CRI + RED 660nm dual led headlamp D25LR


Now, we have 77outdoor D25LR in stock on Sofirn Website (December 1st, 2021)

Hi guys,

Since many fans love D25S headlamp, and ask for SST20DR 660nm RED lights, here we are.

I asked the factory to make a prototype of this New D25 headlamp with SST20 White+SST20DR 660nm

If you are interested in it, please reply.

Simple UI:

While off, click to turn on for White led, press and hold to choose brightness Moonlight-Low-Medium-High. Click to turn off.

While off, press and hold to turn on Red led, press and hold to choose brightness: Moonlight-Low-Medium-High, click to turn off.

Interested. Please include neutral or warm high cri main light.

Very nice. :THUMBS-UP: I agree with Mureo that e.g. SST20 4.000K 95CRI would be a good option for the white LED.

I hope you also changed the driver to allow the SST20DR to run efficiently or it’ll burn through the battery to reduce the voltage.

SST20DR - 2.05v to 2.6v forward voltage
SST20 - 2.5 to 3.1v

I feel the SST20 will be too narrow to be useful as a headlamp. Generally a smooth diffused beam is what’s needed. The SST40 in NW with an OP reflector or a diffuser would be better.

SST20 6500K = max 700 lumens
SST20 4000K = max 500 lumens

How long will turbo last? If turbo drops to half that above output, it won’t be ideal.

Lumens are usually the selling point and it’ll be more attractive for the average consumer to use an SST40.


We need to think about this for a second.

The D25S with two 6500K SST40’s was producing 1100-1200 lumens, that’s approx 550 per led, using an SST20 in that host with the same driver could be half the above output already. Not sure it would be usable. Then again, since the current is only going to one led it could be the full output.

Anyone know the current on Turbo?



The driver is redeigned which means SST20 white and SST20DR are controlled separately. I blieve the forward voltage is not an issue, but will bring details if I got more information.

The D25S headlamp gives 1.5A to each SST40 led, 3A in total. I am not sure about this prototype for now, will bring more details later.

And it’s not possible to use SST40 White + SST20DR, emitter must be in the same size. That’s what I was told.

You are right on “lumens are the selling point” but it seems white led can not be as bright as 1000 lumens. It will be 300-500 Lumens I guess. The current can not be too high, because the shell, springs can not take it.

That’s why I am not sure if people will be interested in a headlamp with not that bright white led + 660nm red led.

Most consumers are still in the “dark age” of so called “standard” CRI (65-ish) cool/cold white emitters. They should level up already. It is the light quality, which does matter - especially for headlamp usage. 500lm 95 CRI is far more superior, than 700lm 65 CRI. I do believe, that good marketing should eventually manage to sell high CRI flashlights/headlamps, so they could be eventually become the most desired option.

If so called “standard” CRI would be at minimum 85 and not 65, I wouldn’t have raised my word, but 65 is like smelling the dog poop instead of chocolate.

This is when, manufacturer should give, what the consumer really needs, even if he/she wants some different by judging the product only by output numbers.

By the way, I remember, that BlueSwordM could contact somebody from Luminus, and there were some promises to extend high CRI lineup to SST-40 as well, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen yet.

90% of the time using a headlamp I'm not needing maximum output so SST20 with all the throw it has and the ability to have a 4000K high cri makes this set up an attractive offering . I've been a big fan of the D-10 and saw the dual lights in the D25 as kind of silly //Unless you actually do something like this with the second emitter . Sounds like a good idea to me . I'm in ... :)

4000K + 660nm please

very nice to see 660nm used

Even if that results in 300 lumens?

The dual SST40’s give a very nice spread though and is what you need in a headlamp. We use a flashlight for distance needs most of the time. I guess this would be why zoomies are favorable like led lenser.

I’m sure there’s people who’ll like it but we need to keep in mind the bigger picture of how much sales they’ll get. Barely anyone will buy it outside of BLF

None of my high CRI models sell, 9/10 they’ll go for the high lumens

This would be the best option for many outdoor folks I know (including amatheur astronomers).

Anyway, I would consider a headband strap upgrade as well. For a 14500 headlamp, this headband strap would be fine, but for ~130g weight (including battery), adding a top strap would be helpful. (The headband for SP40 is much better)

If these details are all get realized, then I can notice a larger group of Hungarian amatheur astronomers to get this as a proper headlamp for them, if interested. Amatheur astronomers like to use red lights for keeping dark adapted eyes, but for frequent occasional usage, a warmish neutral high CRI white comes useful, for when small parts are slipped into the grass, and they need to find those - and when set up or collect their gears on the field.

the max current is 2.2A for now, but it can be raised to 3A so the SST20 6500K/4000K can be brighter. The lowest current 10mA, I am not sure if it can be lower. My eyes still hurt when looking directly at the led at Lowest brightess.

Will it have Type-C ( -> Type C ) charging?

I doubt it since they’re just using the host which has micro usb. Not really worth it on such a cheap model. Sofirn aren’t the manufacturer for that host.

Yeah I’m thinking the same but one can dream I guess :slight_smile:

SST20 in 5000K and 6500K look like shit so yes.

Yes, the previous model put out more light. But the use case for this light is different than the SST-40 model, imo.

I believe all the average consumer needs to know is that this light for close up work. Ie, camping, walking around your house at night, or reading. These are also situations where better CRI can be useful.

The SST-40 model is for applications where you need lots of light with some reach.

Interested for sure.
I’d vote for 2700K or 3000K sst-20 white led.