85W HID Flashlight

Is this for real? or just another exaggerate number by Chinese manufacturer?



Not really, there is some "slight exaggeration" but it's all linear, as in the 50, 65, 75W models previously did draw more current. It also depends on the battery, the amount of juice it can provide. That's the same situation with the automotive type ballasts. What is important is the output, ie you measure that with say a ceiling bounce with a lux meter.

It's pretty difficult to explain.

The beam profile is somewhat different as compared to LEDs. You can check out my posts in CPF HID Spotlights section, i have some over here comparing the 65W vs TK70. The throw is good relative to LEDs, like 230k for the 65W model. But the hotspot and corona profile might not be so useful.

What type of battery does it use? can i actually remove the batteries from its shell and replace them?

Also regarding the ballast, i was told that the ballast is easy to get spoil and you need to replace it together with the bulb (bulb is attached on ballast??)

The ballast is not so easy to spoil, not sure where did you hear that from. The reflector could be prone to clouding if you use it for very long periods, you can get a spare one from Yongkang Greentime. I purchased my stuff from them too. Not very expensive, just a few bucks only so tag it together with your purchase.

The spare battery pack is not expensive, something like usd50 shipped. Inside is 3S3P config, cannot be changed. But it will be quite like 2-3 years before you need to change the pack. Same as your single 18650.

have you ever tried to disassemble the battery???

how far does it throw, 700m?

the highest HID flashlight in the market is 75W?? and is that a real number?

I'll go by conservative numbers and put it at 250k cd for the 85W version. That'd be 500m (sq root of 250,000). At 500m you will be getting 1 lux. That's a very conservative number. I am not sure in Padang how's the environment, but if you are shining on Ruko then it'd be about there. For foilage you get quite a bit less.

The price went a few dollars more, but still it's pretty ok. Uses SLA so it's definitely "safe", if that's your concern. SLA is very cheap to replace, inside is a 5.5AH and it costs S$18 to replace here only. LOL! What "sulfation issue of SLA", no worries lah...

And best of all, it's moddable later on to 100W ballasts. You get about 700k lux with this.


BTW for Padang, is EMS reliable? (ie still relies on Indonesia Post)

Forget about the 75W figure for the moment. Just enjoy. I don't have the ceiling bounce figures for the 55W ballast vs my 65W aluminum flashlight that you have posted (approx 3800-4000 lumens OTF), but i reckon it's about there. The 100W auto ballasts (98W input as measured, it's not easy to get output because you need true RMS and all that electrical stuff) get me ~ 7000 lumens OTF if i remember correctly but that's with 24V input external hookup with croc clips. 12V 7AH battery external hookup gets me like 6500 lumens OTF, and the stock 12V 5.5AH gets me just over 6000 lumens OTF.

Another factor is also interchangeable bulbs. 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6k, 8k 10k 20k purple/pink/golden yellow, your pick. It's usd13 shipped for a pair for 55W and about $20+ for 100W. (but your 100W ballast kit already comes with a pair anyway). Usually we do 4300k and 5000k for max lumens. Higher CCT gives less lumens, supposed to be but sometimes in real life there are a lot of factors.

walan... 500 meter.. can the light be seen vividly at that distance? can it throw over 500m???

EMS.. hmmmm..... i never purchased directly from the website. all my flashlight are purchased from local sellers, and all i know that they use forwarder to send the good from china.

How's your humidity/visiblity in Padang at night? I know in my wife's hometown it's sometimes clear and sometimes foggy due to foilage. The throw depends on that.

Sanmak SM5200 with ballast drawing about 60W. About 1.2km. During one of the meetups we went to try hitting the top of Singapore Land Tower in Raffles Place which was 1.6km away, no issue...that was with the 100W ballast. Reflective buildings though.

When are you coming to Singapore? LOL! :D


Oh...there is no reason why you can't spot something at 1-2km distance. You are supposed to use a pair of binos.

And of course in light polluted cities, it is better to use the 1 lux @ target calculation. If you are in a dark area, 0.25 lux is more than enough. So 500m throw becomes 1000m throw.

is that ntuc builing on the right corner??

100w ballast? did you purchase it seperately?? how many lumens does the 100w produce?

here is windy at night, not humid or foggy.

i just got back from sg 3weeks ago, but i stayed there only for 1 night :) ... planning to go for zoukout.. hehehe...

How long does the battery last on these lights?

And what are the cons to these lights vs led?

I gave the lumens figure in post #5, note those are Out-The-Front figures.

I got my 100W kit from here : http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/501951251-Cheap-shipping-14-months-warranty-12v-100w-Auto-HID-KIT-with-high-quality-ballast-wholesalers.html

The SM5200 just manages to fit the 100W ballasts.

There are 400W HIDs but not cheap for the parts http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?191645-400W-HID-Thor


Have a look at bike lights (1500W HTI)

so automotive ballast ad bulb can be fitted to this HID flashlight???

Yep...they are usually H3, H1 etc... As long as same base, can fit.

How about advertising searchlights. You live in a Ruko right? (Can put on the roof! LOL!) Not vvveerrrryyyy expensive.

To give you an idea of the prices, on alibaba there are stores which allow you to purchase 1 unit sample, same price



Low cloud spotting is pretty easy.

no, i'm nt living in ruko. i tested all my light on my backyard garden...

searchlight.. errr.. dont have interest on it..

Yes, they are really 85w, guaranteed. I wanted 100w but they came back a month later with 85. They have a slight hum because they kick out so much voltage but they are insane! They are beyond stupid bright... I have a 45w and its good enough for me. The 85 is obscene.

Always at Greg McGee Engineering, money back guarantee. No one has ever asked their money back, this is an indicator.



So back to topic how are these compared to say TR-J12 or Fenix TK70? And about those Stanley HID can u hid a cheap ebay HID kit inside one of them?

I got mine today from aliexpress promotion deal for 135. I got the 4300k color temp. and boy I’m glad I got this color temp. Everything looks much better than my blueish tinted XM-L LEDs. I would say a comfortable range for the TR-J12 is around 100 yards. It wasn’t able to silhouette trees at a distance of 300 yards like my X6 & HID. I was able to tell it hit some tree & land at 500 yards across a body of water with my HID. Then tried another location at 600 yards to a bridge and it didn’t reach it. Today is around 90% humidity and 54 degree with some fog & occasional light drizzle. If most telephone pole are standard at 50 feet, the beam goes up approximately 60 feet with the HID. My X6 has a 55 feet beam and my TR-J12 has a 45 feet beam. A comfortable range as PID, I would say for the X6 is around 150 yards or less and 200 yards for the HID.

The best effect is these lake shine I do. Bouncing the HID’s reflection off water to an island is brighter than my J12 or X6. You can even see the wave effect not sure if it’s the eletrical or water particle effect but was like seeing the northern lights off your HID. Island was 170 yards out and 100 feet high.


Addditional Notes: numbers are approximations
HID: 7800 mah battery, 85w, 4300k color temp.
Trustfire X6: 3 panasonic 18650CH (10A hi drain)
Trustfire TR-J12: 3 Trustfire 26650 (5000Mah)

That sounds very interesting. A comparison between a BTU shocker or a TK70 would be nice. Also a beam shot or a link to aliexpress too!

But it would definitely scare the s%#t of any intruders! Burn them if too close! Didn’t know that the prices start from so low, too bad the shipping costs are making it worthless