8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

:slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks PP. While I won’t be entering it will be interesting to watch. RIP Old Lumens, your legacy lives on.

Good to know that we are there (already). :sunglasses:

Thank you for organising this year’s contest, pinkpanda3310. :+1:

I will most likely enter again in the modified light category. I’ll leave the hand made category to the professional modders. :wink:

I’ve got three or four advanced mods in mind, got to think which one is suitable and has the greatest probability to be finished and to work properly.

No interest at all in watching others spend money on having what could amount to others building a light for them to call their own.

As for comparing a pcb from oshpark to a pcb taken from an existing light or readily available retail stock to outsourcing 3D printing of a type that is not possible to do at home, a line must be drawn somewhere. If a 3D printed body, cap, or other major part is allowed to be outsourced, then can I learn how to design and program for CNC maching and then send that file to a shop that can produce the item for me?

The main difference is that the 3D printing machine adds material and the CNC machine removes material. Both use computer software to control the machine that puts out the finished item.

For now I believe it is too late to simply say okay to a rule change for this year. Perhaps there should be fresh discussion looking to future contests. If we want to discuss this further do ya’ll think we should have a thread someplace that is dedicated to the topic, rather than veer off the topic of this years contest builds?

The fear of new things is in plain sight here.

It has nothing to do with that. OL was renowned for his hand built and machine made work the competition is in his name and in his honour / style.

That said, there is no reason whatsoever why another competition couldn’t be run alongside it if there was enough interest, but completely separate - maybe now is the time to start one, and maybe you are the man to do it.
That competition could be a free for all no holes barred and no rules. I think it’s a good idea - we could see some real works of expensive art.
No reason why you couldn’t run it as the entrants would probably be minimal and so would not take a whole lot of work/effort on your part. You could name it the New Lumens Competition, which would seem apt.
Maybe arrange a few prizes from some 3d print suppliers, maybe even a small 3d printer as top prize, I would imagine some company may well help out. Just an idea. :+1:
I have opened a thread for all such discussions HERE and would appreciate it not flooding into this thread, as it is basically derailing it into off topic discussion as another member pointed out.
I would appreciate all the comments being deleted and reposted/moved there as it is easier to read. :slight_smile:

The Old Lumens contest has added categories and evolved with the times, so evolution isn’t forbidden.
A new competition is a good idea, I like how you think…
Unfortunately last year’s Old Lumens competition almost didn’t happen because of low interest. Nobody opened the competition until super late, and even then there were so few entries a new thread was started to discuss the lack of interest and motivate for the legacy of Old Lumens to live on.
So I predict a second competition, requiring a rare set of skills and motivation, would not fair well at all.

Sign me up. JoshK's Machine Made Light for the 8th Annual BLF/OL Contest

I think the difference is, it’s basically impossible to build a driver (beyond the most basic, resistor-only drivers) yourself. So whether you buy one from Convot/Mtn E. or get it printed by Oshpark, there’s not a lot of difference. In fact Oshpark is probably more work since you have to reflow it.

For a flashlight part - host, bezel, what have you - these can be made. So drawing a picture, or designing an advanced 3d model - and having it made by someone else, is a lot different to me.

Also, an interesting question: could Fritz enter a FW3A under the claim that he designed it and Lumintop machined it to spec? What if he bought a host version and then assembled it?

I'm glad you still decided to join

If I took apart a flashlight for a project some time last year, gave up on that project, then do something entirely different with the host this September, can I enter this year’s OL contest?

I don’t see why that wouldn’t qualify for the modified light category. I’d make it clear what condition you’re starting from and just go from there.

“Hey I took this apart and never did anything with it. I have an idea for the OL contest, so it’s build thread time” or that kind of thing. Doesn’t seem like a big deal at all. If somebody said “Here’s a C8+ I modded last year, it’ll be the basis for a new mod for the modded light category for this year’s contest” that isn’t much different and still qualifies :slight_smile:

A question regarding parts eligibility in the Hand Made Class....

I am well aware that flashlight heads, body tubes and tail caps CANNOT be used in the Hand Made Class.

What about a part like the brass PILL from a ConvoyS2? It would be a convenient way to mount a driver. The other parts used in conjunction with the pill would be formed from sheet metal or plumbing parts.

Thank you.

i do not think i’m gonna use 3d printer this year, i’m disappointed with durability and strength of printed parts, maybe some internals , i found craft grade\marine grade plywood to be the most durable.

I would say since it is pre made specifically for a flashlight , no. Not up to me though - just an observation.
Of course a plumbing fitting is also pre made, but it’s not made for a flashlight and there is the difference. Maybe you could find a threaded ‘bung’ or ‘stopper’ from a plumbers/electrical merchant like this sort of thing ? - search google for ‘brass conduit plug’ to see more types

Short answer - sorry no

Long answer - I was going to automatically say no but went back and checked the rules from previous years. Justin did allow P60's to be used (but ONLY P60) I guess because they were popular. The P60 was omitted last year. So it wasn't an easy clear answer. It was your own wording that tipped me off - "It would be convenient....". Convenience is using machines or existing lights (both the other categories). Well this comp is named a 'challenge'....

That is what I thought and I have an alternate plan, but I thought I would check first.

Good clarification - that had been my assumption as well, in regards both to a Convoy S2+ pill and an S2+ triple spacer that I found in my parts bin. Basically my reasoning was, other than the listed items from the first post ("reflectors, drivers, LEDs, O-rings, switches, lenses, clips, sheet metal and tubes etc") if it's made for a flashlight, it's out.

I am in, just havent decide exactly what to build yet.

Good to have you on board grin

I did a small edit to help make it clearer regarding existing flashlight parts.