8W Mini Cree Q4 2-Mode 190-Lumen

Has anyone got any comments on this light. I may purchase it as I it will transfer heat better than other smaller cr123 light.


Recommend me Cr123 light please?

I like the design. But it's quite big, bigger than most AA flashlights. Also 2 modes smells like a resistor in the clicky setup (first click high, next click low, next off). Buy it and let us know! :D

What's the problem with a resistor in the tailcap?

Limiting the current with a µC is much more efficient than using a plain resistor. But above all, I don't like having to click twice to switch the light off.

I making am assumption that this only effects Low mode and does not effect High Mode.

Can I make it into 1mode - High?

That's right.

Yes, but unless you exchange the clicky for a 1-mode one you'd get a hi-hi-off click sequence.