8x7135 105C drivers>cheap while supply last

hey guys i have 8x7135 driver that's 2.8A for 5.00 each with free shipping get them while u can at this price


sold out

sold out

E1320>>>>>>>>10 drivers>>>>>>>>>PAID

gen1.3>>>>>>>>1 driver>>>>>>>>>>PAID

dthrckt>>>>>>>>2 drivers>>>>>>>>>PAID

Mitro>>>>>>>>> 5 drivers>>>>>>>>>PAID

dorpmuller>>>>>>6 drivers>>>>>>>>PAID

soytnly>>>>>>>>1 driver>>>>>>>>>>PAID

Komichi>>>>>>>>>4 drivers>>>>>>>> PAID

otidismedia>>>>>>>2 drivers>>>>>>>>PAID

That's a great deal from a good USA-based seller !!!

I'll be ordering shortly.

i think ill be keeping 15 to 20 for my self and make p60 drop in's with smooth reflectors

Do these have memory?


Reviewed here:


star1: 5/30/100/strobe/SOS (w/memory) (also default - no jumper)
star2: 5/100/strobe (w/memory)
star3: 5/30/100 (w/memory)
star4: 5/100 (w/ memory)

2.8A ?

PM sent

PM sent

2nd post updated.........just a reminder please mark as gift or add 4% when checking out thanks guys

PP sent for 5 + 4%

Thanks! That's a great deal for US buyers.

Im glad i can help out, all orders placed today will go out 2marrow

Payment just sent for 6 drivers.


2nd post updated

Sent payment last night for 1, thanks!

2nd post updated

PayPal sent for 4 drivers +4%

2nd post updated again

Please don't for get to add your Forum name please

Major update >>>>there is a few people who sent payment with out adding 4% or mark payment as gift

im selling these way below the REG PRICE and can not pay for the PP FEE'S :(

so im going to send a email to the people who did this hope u guys understand