$9.99-Tactical LED Flashlight T6 Ultra Bright Zoomable Torch Portable Waterproof Light 5 Modes

Hello, we are Lightsetc a pro Amazon Light seller who sell for flashlight, string light, party light and etc.

Today this Tactical LED Flashlight are in giveaway now, price also just $9.99 (50% OFF)

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Specification of Flashlight:
-Made of aluminum alloy to withstand abrasion and shock. Ideal for outdoor activities.
-Zoom allows adjustable focus.
-IPX6 Waterproof Rating, you can use it in a rainy day.
-Soft-touch Tail Cap Switch allows on/off mode and switching between 5 light -modes(Take a fully press to on/off, take a slightly press to change modes).
-Beam distance: Up to 200 meters(700 feet).
-Brightness: Up to 800 lumens.
-Zoom: x1, x250, x500, x1000, x2000.
-Flashlight Dimensions: 5.3"(L) x 1.6" (Head) x 1.1" (Body) (6.10" Extended length).
-Brightness Dimming Modes: Full, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS.
-Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Battery (NOT included) OR 3 x AAA Batteries (NOT included).
-Charging Time: 5-8 Hours.
-This flashlight can be used as a life-saving hammer

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First Post, support myself

You’d be better off getting a Facebook ad and trying to sell these lights to poor suckers that don’t know any better.

List it as 2000 lumens too in Chinese tradition to sell more.

we are ready to do that

You need to sell this flashlight for a lot higher price. It is too cheap.

Retail Price is much higher, this days is on promotion

I’d like to see if it could be deep-fried, like on teevee.

This EXACT same flashlight, ( with 5-modes, Zooming, all the same claims, ( with claimed T6, but it it actually a LATTICEBRIGHT clone LED like yours of a XM-L, (not a real CREE XM-L T6) here sold at our Dollarama chain of dollar stores under their “Voltax” brand for $4… Yes… FOUR DOLLARS.

If you throw 11 on a soccer field, can they win a game?

Wow, unseen, revolutionary design! :P

(Good luck)

dude, your waste your time trying to sell this noname piece of plastic here.
there are a lot of fools outside this forum, they can buy it for even 25$, just add 7000mah li-ion battery in package

If this light is sold for less than about $75, then I know it’s not the real military grade tactical light. I only spend my money on the best. :cowboy_hat_face:

you are right
this flashlight is terribly underestimated.

i often offer my dad some GOOD lights, but he also wants to sue BEST, so he uses exactly the same zoomy, i thing he will not just be upset in case he looses or breaks it ))

omg, why i still waste my time in this thread.
i bet TS is not 1st one who tries to sell such things here, at the forum where people do know about differnce between good and bad lights.

That’s exactly why I want to see it run over by a firetruck, deep-fried, shot out of a cannon, frozen in a block of ice, ALL AT ONCE, to be sure that it’s “tactical” and “military-grade”. Else I ain’t buying it.

Hell, if a FMR fighter-pilot can stand behind it, then it must be worth something. Otherwise, it’s just pretty pitchers on a screen…

And it’s gotta have “Atomic” or “Nuculer” in its name. Otherwise, how do I know it’s as bright as an atomic-blast?

It's overpriced junk, but aluminum overpriced junk.

OK, I’m bored and followed the amazon link, where I learned one of the product features is (and I quote):

“Constructed of aluminum alloy and anodized anti-abrasive hand with the combination of Water-resistant, shock-proof and skid-proof functions.”

What the heck is an “anodized anti-abrasive hand”, and why would I want my flashlight to be constructed of one?

Does it have direct thermal path into the battery? I don’t want my 18650s getting too cold!

9.99 is still too expensive for this junk

you can buy ones with a real Cree XML2 U2-1A for about 7$

still the driver and mechanical production is bad

Where’s the Military Technology? I don’t see it.

Hammers can save lives?