90 degree/Right angle light multiple brightness, for walking or working

I’m looking for a light that is 90 degrees so it can be clipped to my belt, pants, shirt, etc to walk hands free. (I don’t always want a headlamp). If it has a magnet that could be a benefit, but is in no way necessary.

I’m looking for something that can be bright enough to working and is a nice mix of flood/throw.

I’d like it to take 14500/AA (AA alone won’t be bright enough) or an 18650 cell. I also want it smaller. maybe the size of the convoy S2+ or smaller. If it’s clipped to my pants I’d like to be able to still climb a ladder or do stuff.

I’m not sure what options are out there. I found the Convoy one, but it didn’t sound very bright. Zebra light only makes a AA version I found, but I’d prefer to not spend to much for this light if possible.

not sure it will be feasible to clip an 18650 light to a shirt, even a 14500 might be too heavy. Most of the right angle lights come with headband set ups, but also have clips so you can use it like that as well. Rofis R2 has rotating head & magnet, Skilhunt Ho3 is very good has magnet not too pricey, Sofirn SP40 no magnet, if you want to try a cheaper option Nicron N7 has magnet