9800mah ultrafire :D

These must be “best” what i have seen.
1300 idiots bought these.

Must be at least three times better than my 30Q’s

Maybe it’s a typo? 980 Mah lol!

Capacity: 9800mAh GTL

Does the GTL stand for Give or Take a Little? :bigsmile:

I’m amazed at the number of people who bought this… and even more amazed how the seller manages to keep such a high rating by selling mostly crap, probably they are really 9800mAh? Will order some and test them :wink:

Kind of goes to show how valuable and accurate eBay feedback is. A lot of other shopping sites, like Amazon, aren’t a whole lot better for some subjects.

Just a little bit more!

All Ultrafire batteries are garbage & extremely dangerous!!

98,7% Positive feedback


Wow, a must have! They might use the new LiMnCuAgAuPbZnCO2 chemistry, imbalanced battery indeed

No !!! GTL stands for Got-To-Laugh

Why do all of these Great Deal links get posted after I have already wasted my retirement check on higher priced, lesser cells, like LG and Samsung, and the like?

Here’s to hoping that they don’t sell them all before my next payday!


Just buy 10 and hook them up in parallel. You may just get 9800mAh then.

What a deal (NOT).

Thanks for the headsup, just bought 2 pairs~! NOT

I’m a little bit worried for a friend/co-worker, since he bought such batteries… When I receive my protected sanyos from the gb sale I’ll try to sell a couple of them to him

damm you!
now i need a back pill.LMAO!



I’m holding out for an even 10,000mAh :bigsmile:

Maybe we here at BLF with analyzing chargers should start to buy up these kind of cells just to prove that they are fake & give them bad feedback.

If a lot of us would do that they would lose there ebay store.

Same seller has them. :stuck_out_tongue: >> http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-x-18650-10000mAh-3-7v-GTL-li-ion-White-Rechargeable-Battery-for-LED-Flashlight-/121798766594?hash=item1c5bc5b002:g:A7gAAOSwA4dWLvCA

It’s good with the extra run time because otherwise the super high powerful several thousand lumen lights from the same or similar seller would drain the cells too quickly!

I’ve actually seen people buy cells like this, and reason like the above. They are completely oblivious to the fact that they are running a 150 lumens light on 500mAh cells.