A Budget Headlamp if I've Seen One!

Hi all,

If you have a headlamp you think is an amazing budget deal please let us know about it!
<20 is the amazon price at the moment.


Good video & thanks for the heads up. :+1:
I’ll be using it as an angle head flashlight though…… don’t like the reflector being off to one side.
My OCD kicking in I guess……… :smiley:

Hands-down, the Boruit RJ-02. <10bux (I got a few at 8bux a pop).

USB rechargeable (backlit switch glows grn/red), ramp up/down (with memory) when you press’n’hold the switch. Doubleclick puts it into magic mode, ie, wave your hand in front of it and it turns on full-tilt (doesn’t remember its steady-state preset, unfortunately), and another wave turns it off. On, off, on, off… great fun. :smiley:

CW but not a bad color. Centered (not offset) emitter takes an easily-interchangeable standard 20mm TIR lens, so you can swap out for any beam from 5° to 90° or more. Or leave it out as a mule.

Cheap enough to get plenty of spares. :smiley:

’Though the quality of the build is pretty decent, so needing spares doesn’t seem like a necessity. Threaded bits glide on/off smoothly. It seems pretty hefty in the hand. And it comes with a 2-strap headband! :smiley:

For <10bux, you can’t go wrong.

great video bro!

gotta say tho: you apparently need to be checking the shed not the garden for varmints.

another great “flopping around slopping around dropping around” clip in there!

Your video has a great shot of the clouds moving. Well done. Headlamp looks nice.

Grabbed two. Thanks!! Keeping my fingers crossed that the heatsinking is good :slight_smile: (EDIT: Chickened out and cancelled order. Not enough $$ to spare. New MTB is priority :smiley: )

The notches in the bezel hint that it may be removable. This would still be a good value after replacing the emitter with a neutral XP-L.

Nice light. Nothing objectionable and a good price. How’s the modability? (driver and LED access)

My modded H03 headlamp is just about perfect for me. I replaced the driver with a FET driver with ramping FW that I can ramp up and down. The ability to go up or down in brightness is nice, not many stock lights can do it. This wowtac looks like a nice host so if it’s modable I might pick one up.

Yep, the clouds did look great. I also loved the cows silhouetted up on top of the hill too. :wink:

Yeah, or you could just get the A2S version that already has the XP-L; if the tint suits you. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently started hating cold tints since I tried out some LED headlights that were especially cold. The tint was only part of the problem. A horrible beam pattern was what really killed it for me, but it was so bad that the hate spilled over to cold tints. Now I don’t want anything over 5000K unless it’s a hardcore thrower, and even then I’d still prefer a neutral tint.


Understood…… :smiley:

Oops, I was referring to car headlights. Beam pattern always matters, and especially so when you depend on it to avoid driving your old vehicle into deer at high speeds.

$19.99 complete with a battery that’s USB rechargeable. What a bargain!

Other than Amazon is there anywhere else I can order this Wowtac headlamp from? Preferably China source.

yeah nice vid
Edit, snipped, will not derail your thread, sorry, posted it here:

I did not notice that in the video…nice catch, Robert!

I just received two of these lights . They are solid feeling , well functioning lights .
As a bonus , the pocket clip from my BLF A6 works well on this light . I suspect that any of the various clips made for the Convoy ‘S’ series lights will also fit .

Thanks for the heads up , vestureofblood .

Sigh- just bought a Boruit RJ-02 based on this thread, seems perfect for running at night. I seem to be buying something flashlight related about once a week or so now, wife is starting to complain, if only she knew how much is still en-route….

+1 :money_mouth_face: