A bunch of posts just disappeared.

A good amount of posts just disappeared for me, anyone else notice? Within the last 90 minutes.

I noticed DBSAR's 2000 post giveaway suggestions thread had all the replies erased. That's all I noticed.


I ha 't n iced an ing

Maybe your permission to read has been revoked :wink:

Sir has spoken. Some of us may have been a little naughty.

Oh I was joking, I assumed it was either an issue with the server that was being addressed, or too many “report as spam” disappearing a thread until he reviews it…I really have no idea what happened…? I guess I missed all the drama, darn.

There were some funny replies in there. Enough that even I felt like chiming in to comment that it felt like the BLF of old. Seems like I spoke to soon.

The fact that it is gone speaks volumes to how much this place has evolved, and not for the better, if you ask me. That said, ImA4Wheelr proved the spark is still alive, albeit on life support, with this bit of creative posting.

Much like Californians moving to and ruining Colorado, so to is the migration from the other place to here having the same affect.

Ohhh ma gerrd! Them CPFers is stealin our jeeerrrbs!

I’ve been away for a while….is Mr Admin no longer in charge?

While the South Park reference made me laugh, and plays on so many levels, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t get what I what I was saying.

i noticed that too :frowning:

Maybe some hacker is trying to insure that he wins the giveway.

DBSAR: “woah … there’s just one reply in my givewaway thread. I guess he wins!” :stuck_out_tongue:

House cleaning happens on Thursdays, Wink the floors were done too.

Aww, I thought the 2000 post giveaway idea thread was all in good fun :smiley:

Would you like to buy a vowel :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s funny :stuck_out_tongue: since most people that live in Ca came from elsewhere but I’m a hermit anyway so I’m a poor one to paint kettles.

I'm -a Colorado native and understand why many people feel that way. It's not that Californian's are disliked, it's that Colorado lost it's small town feel with the massive influx of people. I lived in California for several years and when I moved back to Colorado, I felt like I was in a strange land.

I big part of my decision to relocate to South Carolina was because of that.

Rufus… buddy… you know I love ya, right?

I didn’t mean to disparage people from California or CPF. I’m sure there are great people residing, so to speak, in each. I only meant that DBSAR’s thread would have been laughed off in the older version of BLF where fun was almost as important as the flashlights. And given what ImA4Wheelr, O-L, Dangerous, and WarHawk posted, I know that spark still lingers a little.

And, Bort, my friend, I’ve seen you be very clever and entertaining while I lurk in the shadows in threads all up and down this forum.

Anyway, I guess I was just feeling nostalgic. At the end of the day, I guess no matter what, we’ll always have Paris.

Hilton? :X

would you actually want her? :smiley: