A Couple of Beamshots

The tree line is about 136 meters away.

Convoy C8 w/Dedomed XP-E2 Torch

Convoy C8 w/Osram Oslon Black Flat

Thanks for posting! I’ve been trying to decide between these two leds or a dedomed 219c for my C8.

How did you electrically insulate the Black Flat from the flashlight body? Also, have you measured the candela of these two?

I used a thin layer of Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive between the mcpcb and the shelf. I haven’t had a chance to measure them yet. I was a little impressed with the intensity of the Black Flat even though it’s cool BLUE, lol.


What kinda current you pushing through them?

Nice pics. What current are you running the Torch XPE2 at and what do you think of it in the Convoy?

I’ve got a standard qlite @3.04a with guppydrv pushing the XP-E2 and a fet+1 pushing the black flat.

I have a qlite @3.04a pushing the XP-E2. I don’t really like it in the C8, I really don’t think you should use anything smaller that a XP-G2 in it because the beam is not very useful at all.

Nice beamshots djburkes.

I had forgotten about the Osram Oslon Black Flat LED. Here’s the test that djozz did on it last year: Three Oslons tested: 1) latest gen. Oslon Black Flat 2) SSL80 4000K 92CRI latest gen. 3) SSL80 4500K 96CRI 1 gen. before latest.

I hope you don’t mind me adding the link djburkes.

Of course not :+1:


I made today a couple of Beamshots and measurements

Camera settings

manual white balance saved for the Astrolux MF01 at 5000K

wide angle
f1.8 1/20 ISO800 6.1mm –0.5 brightness
f2.8 1/20 ISO800 30.5mm +0.5 brightness

Jetbeam Jet-1 MK stock with 14500 lithium battery

Skilhunt H03R XML2 U3-3D with FET driver

Nitefox UT20 stock battery with bridged springs XML2

Imalent DM21TW with FET driver bridged springs

Vollison MR25-D stock battery XPL

Sofirn SP35 XHP50

Astrolux MF01 Prototype Nichia 219

BLF Q8 bridged springs XPL HD V6-3D

Klarus XT12GTS with XHP35 E2-3C

Brinyte B158 2.8A driver XML2 U4-1A dedomed

Klarus G35 XPL HI V3-3C mod with FET

Hi djburkes

What was the kcds you got on the Oslon black? Is the Oslon black doing better than the new production XP-G2 S4s?