a driver for 12 xml leds

Hi, my brother has “modded” a Trustfire AK 90 flashlight and the driver has not survived :smiley: He added a 0,22 ohm resistor and the flashlight was a beast beyond imagination :smiley: for a while, but that did not last long.
The light is powered by 4 26650 protected batteries. Could you recommend a reliable driver that will run the leds at slightly more than 5000 lumens?

A BLF-DD driver with the LEDs re-wired to 4S3P (if they aren't already).

The leds are 6s2p, but rewiring them is not a problem at all.
you mean this http://www.mtnelectronics.com/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&path=67&product_id=228 ? Is it “manly” enough for 12 leds??? We want something reliable in the first place.
The specs say it works up to 16 V, but voltage of fully charged 4s is 16,8 V, is it OK?
I am not against this driver, just asking before buying. What would be theoretical max lumens with this driver?

It's direct drive, output will depend on how much voltage your cells can hold up under load.

One good INR/IMR cell with 3 parallel LEDs will run at around 8-10 amps, your light is basically just four single cell triples that happen to be in the same housing.