A few custom Solarforce L2s

Some wood covered bodies. These are all from a solid piece of wood. Lots of machining on the body followed by wood working.

Hi Will

These are very nice!

What sort of wood is the purplish one in the first picture?

A company called Arizona Ironwood offers dyed wood, The purple is maple wood which has been dyed purple. The other lights are natural colors.

Wow, nice work!

That's really awesome. Is it hard to do?


Wow! Those look beautiful!

Is that one 'gold plated?'

Yes it is !

Not all that difficult, time consuming to do it right and make sure the parts fit exactly.

Briefly - take a piece of wood 2.400 inch long by 1.250 inch square, put a .900 diameter hole in the center ( on a lathe, not a drill press )

Separate te two halves of the Solarforce body, use heat because there is thread locker holding the two together. Back on the lathe, cut a long groove 2.400 inches long by .895 inch diameter. This will leave two small ridges on each end.

Unscrew the body, apply glue to the newly machined surface, Slide the wood covering over the longer piece, screw the whole thing together and let the glue dry for a day.

Back on the lathe. turn down the square, making it round. Match the diameter to the ridges, this actually is done by eye as there will be a resulting taper of the wood.

Some sanding, some lacquer, some auto polish and wax,


That is an overview, I left out lots of small steps..

Beautiful, will. Please post more pics of individual lights. I can see doing this for a few lights.

very nice!

purple on grey would look awesome

Will, really nice work!

How about some chrome and desert ironwood ?

Absolutely amazing!

Wow, very nice!

Beautiful,classy and elegant! Awesome work and a neat idea!

Chrome & Desert ironwood! Bling Bling & Classy at the same time... Drooling :-)

Love your work Will. Love your ideas too. And good pictures. That is a hattrick for great posting !

Dont think I've said it yet, but welcome to BLF Will.

Do you have a preference between stabilized wood or non-stabilized, when working it on a lathe? I have seen some other vendors selling stabilized wood that was dyed, some green, red, etc., on ebay. Don't know if you get wood off any of the vendors on ebay at all. I use it sometimes for knife scales.

Have you ever tried doing any stone inlays in any of them? Like Turquoise?

Very nice work. You've been at it for a while, as seen in the quality of the work you do.

I source wood from a variety of places. I do use EBAY. I have an arrangement with a woodworker in Hawaii where I have received some really beautiful highly figured KOA wood. Exotic wood tends to be sold in small pieces and I generally go for turning blanks. I can email you a list of some of the regular suppliers I use

I don't use stabilized wood as such. The lacquer coating I put on as a final coat is considered 'light' stabilizing.

I have a mini lathe that I do my work on. It is great for aluminum and wood. I might look into stone work, but, I do not really have the tools for that kind of work.

Anyhow - I enjoy the challenge of making and customizing the lights.

Thanks very much for the offer. I don’t have the tools to do that type of thing. Only hand tools. I’m afraid of what I might do with a lathe.Wink