A few lights for sale (four free 18650 sanyo batteries now included) Price reduced on Ultrafire TH-1200

Four 18650 Sanyo unprotected batteries free with any light listed. These are 2200mah.

Ultrafire TH-1200 $50 Like new. This light is very heavy solid construction. This is a 20watt incan that uses 3x18650 NOW ONLY $45 and comes with four batteries. This is a VERY bright light. It’s a fog cutter and it’s the brightest incan you can imagine and it’s cool that it takes 18650’s It’s also in like new condition.


Ultrafire UF-T90 4xXM-L U2 dimming light. SOLD


-Ultrafire X8 MT-G2 with DRY driver $60 -SOLD


Sky Ray King 6X $35 Sold

J-19 DRY driver heavy gauge wire 2 Demomed XP-G2’s on noctigons 1 not dedomed. Taken off the sale I’m keeping it because I modded by other one and put in XP-G2’s. Let me know if you want one built and we can work something out.

Free shipping within the continental US everyone else pays actual shipping.

Selling for money for a big project.

Nice deal on the 2xSRK.

I’ll take the SRK, PM sent…

Paypal received, I’ll have it in the mail tomorrow. Thanks.

Ultrafire UF-T90- what do you mean by dimming and what does it come with? Just the light, original box and accessories, lanyard?

Original box but that is it. it might have had a lanyard but I don’t remember, I never use them. By dimming I mean that it’s not 3 or 5 mode light, it has dimming. It starts on high and when you hit the button it slowly dims down to low. It’s pretty cool. I think they also call it a stepless or infinite modes.

Just added the free batteries, trying to sell these quick.

man… i want that SRK :frowning:
still contemplating on MTG2 X8… :bigsmile:

the MT-G2 is a nicer light than the SRK by quite a bit. Better tint, super flood with no rings, decent throw, four modes. I have another one and a 2xMT-G2 or I wouldn’t be selling it.

If I had the budget I’d have already grabbed that one since those parts aren’t cheap. Gotta say 18sixfifty’s X8 shorty direct drive XLM2 is one heck of thrower - especially for its size. By eye it is a good rival for our 4A XML & XML2 DSTs.

PS - isn’t that WB SRK is about the same price right now?

I got mine off of Evil Bay but it’s the same light I’m sure. It’s nice and I actually lost money on it with shipping.

Glad you like your X8 I was going to build another one for myself but I won a solarstorm thrower from Wallbuys for $15 and did the same thing to it. Direct drive shorty XP-G2 de-domed. I’ll end up building another shorty X8 one of these days though it’s really hard to beat the size and throw ratio on that light.

Ultrafire X8 MT-G2 and Sky Ray 6X sold.

2 MT-G2 LEDs in 1 light? :smiley:

Yep, running 2 Sanyo 50amp 26650’s and a dry driver to the emitters in parallel so they are both fully powered. It’s a beast. Pure flood, it lights up everything like it’s daylight out. No real throw though. Just boom it’s daylight out for a hundred yards around.

oooh… i’d like to see that light… got pic? i need some flood monster :smiley:

I haven’t taken any pics of it in action yet and my photographer went to bed early tonight.

I did post some of the mod when I did it but that was a while back and I can’t find the pics in my computer. It started out life as a 4xT6 uniquefire I was going to try and make it a 4xMT-G2 but it couldn’t take the heat. I kept it as a 3xMT-G2 but it killed every driver I used. I had a J-19 3xMT-G2 that did the same thing it just ate drivers like they were candy. One of these days I’ll do it again with a J-19 and use 3 separate drivers, one for each emitter and power it with 3x32650’s I also have a De-Domed MT-G2 in a Small Sun ZY-T08 and that is a nice light too.

Just the Ultrafire TH-1200 left now and it’s reduced to $45 and includes four free Sanyo 186540 unprotected 2200mAh. It’s a great light and not something you see everyday for sale and you never see it for sale at this price at all. It’s built like a tank.