A few new and uncommon super-budget 1xAA lights on eBay

Hello all, I recently found a few super-budget 1xAA lights on eBay which I haven't seen before....

MXDL T51 $3.54


This one appears to be a new budget model from MXDL. I like the looks of the knurling throughout the body on this light, and MXDL normally produces rather nice products for the price. They are a branch of Romisen.



Again, I'm a sucker for knurling, and this is a good price for a 1xAA / 2xAA flashlight with extender. Don't know about the quality though.

The second one looks very much like the Ultrafire C3 again - Seems to be China's commonest light. Ah well another C3 clone won't break the bank - wonder how long it'll take to get here?

Then thought - the two of them together cost rather less than I smoke in a day so got one of each - could be fun getting them in a few weeks.

I do have high hopes for the MXDL. Can't go wrong for that price anyway.


At those prices, if it emits light, you are probably ahead of the game. They are quite likely brighter than most of my Luxeon 3 lights from a few years go. They are certainly cheaper. think I paid $30 for a direct drive Luxeon 3 light and that was very cheap.

And I paid about $5 for one of those little 8-LED "Xnova" AA clones with a flickery twisty-switch.

Ordered the first one. Will let you know.

Looking forward to your review. Did I miss it, or did they not even make a claim about brightness?

Not seeing a brightness claim is more or less as much educating as seeing one on DX ;)

Just think about how many more lights you can buy if you quit smoking altogether. ;)

More than would fit in the house...

You should take a picture of all of your lights together Don.

That would be a sight to see. Cool

I did post them in various categories a week or two back. I'll try to find all of them and provide a pic some time soon.

If it can manage 3 volt it might manage 3,7 volt as well? Would be nice.

Neither of them actually explicitly state voltage. At the price, if a 14500 kills them they can always be modded. I'd guess they are aimed at alkaline users - will see what sort of currents they draw from alkalines and Eneloops first.

You're gonna need to clear A LOT of room for all of your lights. I can't wait to see all of them together.

The C3 clone - ordered last night, shipped by this morning. Doubtless by slow HK bulk mail, but it'll get here in due course.

This is why I like eBay, the sellers realize that many buyers will be scared off if their approval rating is anything less than 99%, so they really go the extra mile to ship quickly. The DX-type companies seem to feel that their customers just need to be "patient" and deal with it. My cheap $4.99 Zoomable flashlight also shipped just now. DX and the likes could learn a thing or two from these small-fry sellers.

What happened to holding off on buying new lights? LOL

My MXDL was also apparently shipped today.

Not bad comparing to DX... not taking into account some strange and rare exceptions, like getting DX package two weeks after ordering...

It was cheap - felt like a new light and at least it wasn't some multi-hundred dollar device. The MDXL also shipped today - quick shipping and I'll be interested to see what turns up.