A few snapshots

great shots! thanks for sharing

Very nice!

I have a Vivitar 2 x Macro Converter from my film camera’s (Nikon)
That combined with my 28-85 IF ED lens gave me some great Macro shots too.

They have beautiful glass in there.

Nice. :beer:

These are outstanding. Thanks for sharing!

Those are neat. Did you do any editing?

Nice pics again. I love the mantis picture, you do not get them over here.

Thanks guys …
Editing = Photoscape / resized to 1280 - quality 90% (?) , minor colour correction to correct for flash ( Flash tends to wash out the colours )

How far away from the subjects were you when taking these?

About 10cm with the 90mm lens

I think i’m most impressed w/the depth of field…

Really have to run those high F stops , for this lens F22 is as high as it will go ( or as small as the aperture will go ) .

Most lenses become a bit soft when used at max (either high or low) aperture. Yours appears to be tack sharp.

Trade off’s …
The secret (for me) is light , as God said = Let there be light .
Light helps to freeze an image , it also helps to bring out details .
So if you use enough light , it helps to offset the softening from the high F stop .
But the cost is washing out the colour .
So depending on the background and the subject , there can be a huge amount of flash burn to correct / or attempt to correct .

In the Bee photo you may be able to see a lot off colour has been washed away by the flash .

Here is a photo I took about an hour ago …

Amazing photos. :+1: