A flashlight you might like:WUBEN E05

Perhaps this flashlight could be offered without the fancy battery to bring the price down a little. I agree with Moderator007 that the current price is not a good deal.

I’m clarified now Woody, and you’re right :wink: I guess I didn’t remember this part:

Normally I associate sellers with “links” although the promotion of products doesn’t imply having that link! Thanks for and sorry for the “basic” question :wink:

That would make shipping easier too. Id be very open to that.

Why would shipping be easier without a cell included?

As long as there the cell is inside of the light, not outside, shipping cells inside of the light should prove to be absolutely no problem.

There are all kinds of lipo shipping rules with airlines now. Most of Wubens stuff comes from overseas and I hate the slow boat.

From what I know, if the cell is INSIDE of the equipment, or the flashlight in this case, it is perfectly okay for the light to be shipped via air.

TLDR: If the batteries are inside of the light, there are no problems regarding shipping.

No worries - I generally look at BLF via Recent Posts without commercial threads, so am maybe oversensitive. :innocent: Rest assured, if a manufacturer has a new light to promote, it won’t be long before it appears in the non-commercial posts.

Looks like it’s going for about $25 right now, but I am still puzzled by the runtimes on NiMH vs alkaline.

Pete, The run times are best with 14500. I did tests with 14500 VS Alkaleaks VS Enoloops. Alkaleaks should only be used in emergency. Total waste. Especially leaking in good flashlight like this one.

My question was about the difference in runtime between alkalines and NiMH. Wuben shows that runtime on alkalines is twice as long as on NiMH. I find that strange.

NiMH kinda drops like a rock once depleted. Alkaleaks slowly fizzle to almost nothing, and probably still let it light up even if down to that 1% ANSI spec or whatever it is.

Eg, my bobofett light (Microstore’s R22) will keep wringing out an AA alkaleak to zero. It won’t start up unless it “rests” a bit to build up some starting voltage, but will dip down to well below anything remotely considered even firefly mode before finally giving it up.

My SP10s, though, will abruptly start blinking a few times and then quit for good within seconds of acting weird.

For 2×AA lights, my SF13 will do the same, act weird and then abruptly quit, whereas my LuxPro will at least try to keep the light going a while longer.

Those are just using alkaleaks with their sloooooowly but gradually ever-shrinking voltage. NiMH, as I mentioned, will hold a pretty steady voltage until it just falls off a cliff and dies suddenly. And it’s already starting out at 1.2V, not ~1.6V.

That’s one (and probably the only) advantage alkaleaks have over rechargeables.

Thanks. Yeah, that’s a viable explanation. A runtime graph would verify.

Old thread bump to note that I stumbled across a clone of the E05 on Amazon. It is called a Kratax K146 (and engraved with E05-K146).

I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t know if Kratax has any legitimate link to Wuben, or if this is a shameless ripoff. I mainly wanted to give Wuben an opportunity to do something about it in case the product was unauthorized.

All the specs are the same, and except for the engraving and knurling design, the lights appear identical, right down to the way the pocket clip attaches to one of the cooling fin grooves.

There’s also an E-08 with a W on the upper switch. Both lights on Amazon with some reviews.