A flashlight you might like:WUBEN E05

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I like the 14500 format for a EDC flashlight.
This seems to be a nice EDC light but $40 bucks is a little step, I’ll wait for a discount code.

Why are the runtimes on NiMH half of that of alkaline? That doesn’t seem right, unless NiMH produces more light output.

25 hrs on low (1 lm) with NiMH seems very short as well. Utorch UT01 runs for about 80 hours at that level.

I have some serious questions about the driver if an alkaline battery gives twice the runtime of a NiMH and a 14500 gives four times the runtime. What’s up?


I don’t know about the runtimes, didn’t run a test myself, but this from gchart’s thread , about the 14500:

fire of expensive

How do you turn it OFF?

Agreed, a little pricey, but I like the switch function (very similar to the i332).

Long press (2 seconds)

From above looks like long press goes to Turbo.
I did see it one of the reviews.

Long press from off goes to turbo, if on then triple click for turbo

I’ve one here:

To turn OFF: Hold (for a second, definitely not the two seconds from the manual)
To turn ON: A short klick.

To change modes: Short klicks
low - mid - high - turbo (then low - …)

There is a shortcut to turbo:
From OFF: Hold
But to turn it OFF from the shortcut: A short click.

I wish it would be one click for off.
I don’t know why this is mixed up

But it’s a nice little light and I see I can get used to the UI.

I just noticed Wubens visible range illustration in the first picture. I really like it.
Normally if I see an ANSI range I divide by 2 and 3 and that gives me a real usable range.
It seems Wuben did the same for the first mark: 130m/3

Thanks a lot!

This should be posted in the Commercial Seller’s part of the forum. It might be marked as spam otherwise, and disappear. :smiley:

The only way I would pay that price is if they offered it in a warmer tint. Dont care if its an XPL V2, XPL-HI, or Nichia.

Although im starting to notice that my nichias have nasty tints at lower power levels.

This is an honest question: if the OP does not post a link for a sale, even if “it” is a flashlight manufacturer and even if the thread is about a new flashlight they wanna promoted, that is considered - under the rules of the forum - a commercial post?
I don’t want to derail the thread, I’m just asking for a clarifying answer about this subject! :+1:

The Forum Rules seem clear enough to me. Wuben have also posted a request for reviewers in the Giveaway part of the Forum. Again, this is inappropriate - it isn’t a “giveaway”, it’s seeking to promote their products through a review.

From the Commercial Seller note:


Please make only a few threads in the Commercial Sellers’ Spot category.
If in the future you want to let us know about new products and offers, please make update posts in the same few threads. For example, you could create one thread called “CompanyXYZ.com New Flashlight Products” and another called “CompanyXYZ.com Current Offers and Coupons”.