A Giveaway for INTERNATIONAL Members Only - WE HAVE A WINNER!

THE WINNER, picked by Random.org, is Essexman Post#90

I wanted to do a giveaway to International members. A light that you really cannot easily purchase. One that's very popular around here.

The Defiant Super Thrower, modified by me.Innocent




Mods that have been done:

  • Changed the XM-L in it to an XM-L U2 ?? ( I would estimate in the 6000k to 6500k range).
  • Did the copper braid mod to both the tail cap spring and the driver spring
  • Added a NANJG driver with 12x 7135 chips (350x12=4200mA)
  • Modes are H/M/L/Strobe/SOS with No Memory (always starts on high)
  • Added a glass lens (camera filter, but it's a clear one)
  • Cosmetic mod - Brushed finish on head and bezel

The reflector, heat sink and switch are stock. I feel the stock switch is good to 5 amps and the stock heat sink is really much better than most lights will ever have. Plus, I'm a lazy B****** and didn't want to add the switch and heat sink in.

You could run one 18650 and a dummy cell in it, or 3x"C" NiMHs or you might just want to run 4X 4/5 Sub C NiMHs. It's all up to you.

The Giveaway runs until 5/31/2013 at Noon, or as close to that as I remember.
Open to any International member. Post here if you want in. Winner will be picked by Random.org


SO much in! I love the bezel being silve out/black inside! And it does start always on high? Damnit, wish me luck…

Wow. I’m in. Thanks

Sounds and looking great :slight_smile: Give it a try ;D

ty, count me in :d

Nice! Count me in :slight_smile:

The very famous Defiant Super Thrower!

That’s so cool. Am in too.

dang foreigners! haha

good luck fellas

**I’m not in , just wanted to say WOW what a great giveaway.

Awesome!!! I’ve searched a bunch of HDs in my area and when I ask all I have gotten are blank stares….




Surely count me in.

That’s very generous!
Looks like an awesome light, count me in. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm in!

i’m definately in! thanks!

Come on, Nevada is a territory and therefore, qualifiedFoy.

Oh wait, appears there was a recent change, almost 150 years ago apprarently. May be too soon to tell so, I'll double check and get back to you.


woah, I’m in thanks old lumens

Thanks, count me in on this.

Me too, me too :slight_smile:

count me in