A GIVEAWAY... to warm up the summer ;) [ENDED - Winner announced at post #69]

Hi there BLF!

Welcome to my 3rd Giveaway!
You can check my previous ones here and here .

For all the interested to enter this GAW, below you’ll find its’ rules and conditions !

As ever, I hope you folks find it funny and enter in the best way you can :wink: :beer:


1 - This GAW starts today: 24th August 2021 !

2 - This GAW ends on the 24th September 2021 (23h59m GMT) :smiley:

3 - To enter this GAW, you have to be a BLF member before this GAW’s opening (new members subscribed on BLF after this GAW opening time will not be considered)!

4 - This GAW is open to members that give/have given an active contribute to BLF and our activity here. Hence, entries from members that predominantly enter only in Giveaways, will not be considered.

5 – The main condition for this GAW, is that you’ll have to use your own flashlights in a creative way to say “BLF”! You can dispose them, make lightpainting, assemble then in some funny shape…whatever, and post a photo or video of that to be considered as an entry* :stuck_out_tongue:

6 - In case you don’t have a device to take photos/make videos, you can enter by posting something related to flashlights and BLF, either a personal experience, a thought, something that is flashaholic enough to be an entry :wink:

7 - Double posts will be disregarded, and only 1 post per member will be considered.

8 - To keep the thread easy to follow and to update, please avoid making multiple posts / comments (this is a forum and we are free to comment, so this is just a kind request to easen my task) :blush:

9 - After the GAW’s closing I will draw the winner on the 3rd attempt at https://www.random.org/. The winner’s name will be posted here (on the top of “post #2”: ) and I will contact the winner via PM to proceed to the correct shipment.

10 - If the winner doesn’t answer in a 4 days period (more or less), I will draw a new winner through the same method as stated on point 9 !!!

11 - I will update post #2 with the list of people that are considered eligible for the GAW. Numbers will be from 36 to “N” :stuck_out_tongue:

12 - The PRIZE of this Giveaway will be 1 x Lumintop FW1AA flashlight in aluminium + 1x 14500 battery, that was shown here :wink: Assuming that the flashlight will be sold in https://www.nealsgadgets.com/, it will be shipped from there.

13 - The winner will be able to choose the colour of the host and the emitter, in case there is that option .

14 – I also assume that there will be the possibility to do worldwide shipping. If not, the conditions will be changed and the restrictions posted to inform the entering members !

15 - Any change to this GAW will be posted in the top of post #1 .

16 - Good luck to everyone and thanks for your contribute to BLF :smiley:


See you around :wink:

WINNER of the GAW: entry #42 - Boaz

Congratulations Boaz :wink: :person_with_crown:

List of entries:

36 - djozz
37 - Pilotboy
38 - MtnDon
39 - Bort
40 - firehopper
41 - kokosnh
42 - Boaz
43 - turkeydance
44 - TimMc
45 - YuvalS
46 - carsknivesbeer
47 - KeepingItLight
48 - G0OSE
49 - Th558
50 - def_nvar
51 - nydude
52 - Skylight
53 - TermsakC
54 - Kwispelhond
55 - dave1010

Thanks for the giveaway, MascaratumB!

I'm not in this one, but I appreciate giveaways on BLF.

Damn, I knew there’s a catch! :weary: :wink:

Not in, but thanks for the GAW. May the winner enjoy this light :beer:

So nice, that after a long period of relative silence, things like GAW’s are returning.
This time I’m not in: better odds for the rest. No pun intended.
But this GAW demands a certain level of creativity. That’s so not me.

Thank you for running a GAW. You beat me to it.
Seriously, next GAW will be done by me.

When’s the free “iPad Pro” GAW happening?? I mean the one with the 12.9” XDR screen and the M1 processor! :money_mouth_face:

I will join this, thanks for the giveaway MB! Reminds me that I still need to do my 10.000 posts giveaway :person_facepalming:

This is not so much lightpainting but light blasting, using the vir-o-blast adapted as blf-o-blast for the occasion, aimed at my ever so tolerant neighbour’s roof at 40 meters away :beer:

Thanks for your words RC :wink: In case you change your mind, this will be open for a while :wink:

Ahah, there is always “that” catch :stuck_out_tongue: I write too much, I guess :smiley:
As with Raccoon City, in case you change your mind, will be welcome to the GAW :+1:

My friend, I will never beat you in your kindness :wink:
As for the creativity, please note that you have 2 options, on points #5 and #6. So, I am sure you can always try to fit some good thoughts to enter this GAW in case you want to!

BTW, as an incentive, here’s my single mode Tool AA Panda White, with orange lighted tailswitch :heart_eyes:

Ahah, I guess “that” GAW is not “this” GAW! I ain’t that rich…yet :smiley:
In case you wanna enter the GAW, feel free for it :+1:

Ahah, cool :sunglasses: Always good and innovative things coming from Amsterdam :wink:

And I like the “light blasting” designation for this entry! Welcome :wink:

No, I wasn’t talking about your GAW in particular, just about other GAW nexttime. Your GAW is already quite generous. I mean you’re giving away the FW! I guess I’ll enter and see what I can come up with! :smiling_imp:

I got it :wink: Maybe someday iPads have integrated flashlights and become eligible for my GAWs as well :stuck_out_tongue: :money_mouth_face:

Feel free to be IN whenever you want :beer:

Thanks for the generous give away MascaratumB!

Here is my first attempt at light painting, I’m sorry if it’s crap.

I used a D4V2 xpl-hi and a Panasonic ZS100 camera

Ahah, way cool :wink: Me likes!
And it is probably much better than what I could do, I really can’t do that :person_facepalming:
Welcome :beer:

Some sort of not so secret code :wink: ….

And thats about what that light cost :smiley:

Ahhh :laughing: Loved it MtnDon :beer:
This was quite inventive! I needed to take a look at the code chart just to confirm as I don’t know it all by head, becauses…well, flashlights only have the dreaded SOS :wink:
Thanks and welcome :wink:

Bort is budget for sure :slight_smile: And that’s the soul of things here!
Welcome Bort :beer:

working on my entry, it sorta involves a flashlight, kinda :slight_smile: lots of ws2812 leds and a teensy 3.6 and a sd card and a usb power pack ( powered by lithium bats)

first update, 2 images, once It gets dark and I have time, I’ll post the final image. (my dad fell last night, called a ambulance to take him to hospital. just heard back, he broke his hip, so yeah lots of not fun stuff happening)

first image is the light painting stick, its 351 ws2812 leds on a 9 foot long bit of molding. on the backside is a teensy 3.6 with a micro sd card for image storage.

this next image is the teensy with buttons to controll the displaying of images.

I’ll leave it like this for now, just have to find the time to go outside at night, setup the tripod with my camera, setup long exposure, and actually take the photo. maybe tomorrow morning before the sun comes up or tonight after work.
okay here is the results, the picture is a lil blurry, I’ll have to fiddle with the camera some.

best I can do for now, only around 2 years of interest.

HQ version https://i.postimg.cc/rqcvXsQZ/20210825-180402.jpg

I’ll edit this later with a somewhat sexy pic or an attempt to tell an interesting (lie) story.

So I was cutting my grass when my idiot brother staggered out of the house and laid out on the driveway . I took a break and asked him what his problem was . He said "Remember when you told me to buy those Samsung 30Q's and I said Ultra-fires were just as good ... "Maybe we should call the fire department "

going with #6: