A Guy Lend His Fenix TK35 To A Young Lady For Her Vacation

The “What do you want it for?” question is one a lot of knife guys have learned to ask as well.

“IPX-8 Protected against water submersion - The equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer.”

Fenix lists those conditions as 2 meters.

If she used it as a dive light she certainly took it way beyond spec. Heck if she dropped it while wading that’s halfway there…

IPX8? Man, that’s bad luck but better results than when I lent my young lady-friend to a phoenix… (take my wife for instance… yes, please take her - Henny Youngman)

BTW, I’ve got first dibs on those unprotected Sanyo cells! :wink:

what did she look like? A flashlight or two donation is worth it otherwise its the EverReady AAA...

I’d say if you guys are asking about the outfit she was in when diving with the light, and you’d be disappointed if she was in a wet suit :bigsmile:

That’s painful to see. People think I’m a little mad when I get a new flashlight and chuck it in the bath / shower to see if it really is waterproof. If it isn’t I wan’t it replaced immediately!

I’m always on the basis that I’ll lend something out to someone and if they break it, they replace it.

Surely if you are borrowing a light for diving you’d tell them it is for diving as we all know or should know that a diving light has to be built differently from a normal “waterproof” light.

Was this a original TK35 or a clone, because I don’t see any printings on the body?

sounds like you cleaned it up.

a soak in this stuff overnight and you’d have thought gnomes did it for you


you probably wouldn’t like the shipping fees, if they’d even ship….

I was wondering the same thing. Looks like a clone.

I had a TK-35 and I always thought the tail switches felt and sounded loose. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it had leaked at the switch.

Will that work on the batteries too? :wink:

Yes, and it will charge them

I have read a few reports of waterproof torches (namely P60s, both the original $$-brand and Solarforce alike) leaking water at the tailcap switch rubber boot, especially when submerged for prolongued times and the switch operated, repeatedly even, under water to change modes.

Seems to be a common problem when usage extends the ubiquitous kitchen sink/ bathtub/ shower tests, which they pass just fine.

i heard they typically leaked if unscrewed, too. shocking 0:)

Ah well when I dump mine in the bath I leave them in for a couple of hours and click them on / off a few times. I’ve only tested the TN31 and the V11R recently like that. Both have magnetic mode changes / brightness controls.

The V11R misted up inside a tad but not too badly. a quick clean of the seals and re-seating of the o-ring and all is good again.

They are both NOT diving lights though and I’d never loan one out for diving use.

Not sure it is fake or not, but this guy has a WTB thread for Fenix TK35 4 months before this incidence.

I never lend stuff to girls, if they break it they just try to get away with laughing…

I don't lend stuff, period.

That’ll buff right out…

I just say nope.

My TK35 clone had no O-ring at the tail. There is a place for it but it was missing. Later I realized that the O-ring from the tail was used at the head of flashlight (It has oval shape if you don’t stretch it) so I placed it where it belongs and placed a new round one on the head part. If it is clone it may be the same case… just unscrew the plastic tail and take a look there. If the O-Ring is missing, take a look at the one used on head. Strip it down and maybe you will see an oval O-ring like me :slight_smile:

haha :slight_smile: I always start to freak out if someone just takes one of my lights without asking and starts playing around with it…