A Guy Lend His Fenix TK35 To A Young Lady For Her Vacation

When she returned it, she asked that guy why it can’t be switched on anymore. He wondered why then he had a look on it. Now he knows his TK35 was used as diving light. Always ask the borrower what is their planning and usage on flashlight. Luckily this TK35 and Sanyo didn’t explode under the sea.

wow… what was she thinking???

The problem is she wasn't thinking

That guy was not thinking either. Lent a 18650 flashlights to newbie. Somemore the batteries are not protected.

Well, it doesn’t look waterproof at all. Lol.

Yeah, that was his first mistake.

Maybe this guy always boasted his TK35 as waterproof to military standard. This lady was deliberately trying to destroy his ego?

Bake it in an oven for an hour and it should be fine :slight_smile:

From the salt traces, I am sure water came in through buttons at the back. And could not get out through the lens due to good O-ring shield, else it wouldn’t cause so much damage. Fenix should have a low pressure passage to get water in and out smoothly. And make it rust proof if possible.

It is difficult to size this situation up without seeing the girl in the outfit she was wearing, while using the light.

My thoughts exactly :smiley:

That it wasn't her property, so it didn't matter how she treated it. Yeah, I've learned the hard way many times that to loan something is effectively giving it up.

I could just cry from seeing that. :frowning:

So she says she just waded with it. Maybe Fenix will replace it…LOL

Meh, a minor case of alkaline battery leakage…

That’s why I don’t like lending out stuff.

I feel sorry for ya bro, I have a TK35 and to see yours like that makes me tear up abit.
Ask Fenix, why it wasn’t ipx8 after all and hope for the best. Always lend the cheapy lights next time

I am not that guy. My TK35 just got hand massage and clean clothes polish yesterday.

Was he a friend of yours?

He is one of flashlight friends on internet. But I have never spoken to him.