a handy little light

Hello to all of you
1xAAA from 7dayshop.com - Online Store
are good little lights for the money around £2.50 for 2 i bought 10 and they are OK for keyring lights
light output is comparable to my Fenix L0D on low so probably around 10 lumens they are made of sturdy plastic with a twisty off/on i have given most away as keyring gifts and no bad reports back

Would you be able to post a link or a pic......i need a keychain light.

7dayshop.com LED AAA Mini Waterproof Torch - CLEAR VERSION - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !

Thanks man.....that would make a nice light for the keys.....sometimes the wife and i forget to turn on the porch light, this would be a good way to light our way without pulling out my edc.

your welcome

at the price its hard to go wrong and i really like the fact it runs on AAAs that are easy and cheap to get

i use primers that my fenix L0D will no longer run on it also runs well in rechargeables i even tried a 14400 just to see if it would work the Little 5mm LED lit up and and survived the minute of torcher with no ill effects i look at it as a sort of budget version of the fenix E0 good for kids to and not to much money if they lose them

Don't think 7dayshop ships outside the UK though - didn't use to.

Well im going to try.....if they dont ship then they dont.....its a pretty good price.

I've been casually looking at the following Dealextreme.com items in the small AAA category. I don't know if I'll get them because I am pretty much tied to AA batteries, but some of these look like they are a great deal and very well made....



http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.24127 (OSRAM LED)

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.18630 (SSC LED!!)

oops sorry i didn't realise

Realize what?

i did not realize 7dayshop only shipped around the UK

Oh well thats okay....i was taking a look at the Black Cat.....seems like a nice little light to keep on the keyring.....i was also checking out the Tank but it seems to have problems with the company using a cheap clicky..

Hi alfreddajero

sorry to have given you wrong info

i have one of these lights left if you would like it send me a address and i will post it to you [ a free gift ] i presume you are over seas from the UK

a sort of apology for not checking my facts before sticking my foot in my mouth


Sorry i cant do that man....shipping would not be worth it too you or for me......it would cost more then the light. Im still looking though for a keychain light......if you check the links above im taking a look at the blackcat.

thats ' cool my man i realized the shipping would cost me a few £s

the black cat dose seem to be a lot of lumen's for the price if the spec isn't to over exaggerated think i may give it a try my self

Yes it would be....but i thank you for the offer man, and please call me Al. As for the specs it would be worth it for the the key ring dont you think. Does'nt need to be that bright walking up the driveway, and i like the price as well.

Hi Al

just looked up a few reviews on this little light

the people that have got them seem to like them and say it is a real good light for the money

i don't really need another light just now but feel my self being drawn to try it for the price


Yes i know what you mean......as of yet that would be my first single celled light in the AAA catagory.

http://www.goldengadgets.com/led-lights/led-flashlights/high-power-led-flashlights/rubber-1-watt-pocket-led-flashlight.html I was able to order it from GG but in the AA version.....got if for the kids to use. If my memory serves they should be the same lights since the link doesnt seem to work for me.

Those will probably be handy and durable. Appears to be a twist switch?