A little call for help…

My internal reluctance to this I believe is doing me no good. Let's throw this up, so.

Been among drug rehabilitation and solitude in excess of 10 years already. Nearly no formal income, too.
Wrote up concerning this and other stuff about my life already more than a year ago in this thread: No money, want a flashlight? Sponsored by Gearbest, Banggood, SubSailorVet, CRX, FastTech, Thorfire, secret donor

Hospitals? You'll get a patch there. Period.
Pharma? They're making money by keeping people sick. That's about it.
This is anent to awareness. You may not agree but these are already known facts by many. If this makes you uneasy it is because of that very you, remember no one is forcing you to read this.
This is about beliefs, our illusion/reality shaping root beliefs. For a long time I already knew the true way to healing was to fix our subtle fields and bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional). Work on them, and the physical follows.

With regards to my particular story, namely the last 6 months, it's been good. I could redirect some family funds to my bank account off an unemployment benefit (a lil above 3200€, though I got a tad above 2700€ due to a penalty because of :facepalm: “forgetting” to renew the unemployment office subscription on time and subsequent penalty). My sister and brother wouldn't agree at first and there was some flipping out, I guess I gave 'em no choice and agreed to start paying my bills.
During this period I chose to get ThetaHealing therapy and miracles have come to my life. I can now see drugs like sufficiently enlightened people sees them, an interaction with consciousnesses in the subtle planes which for those who still are addicted is perceived in a sort of twisted way. Of course I believed in myself, could see and grasped benefits out of it. The ThetaHealing light came to me many years ago (2009) during very altered states. This, of course, also has to do with the fact lots of illegal drugs also let you see a light you may find missing in yourself and others may not want you to see. Just don't expect to get an instant physical healing on the first or even a good bunch of sessions unless you know yourself quite deeply. That will be a progressive thing, thus let The Light soak/delve into your own matter/density. ;-)
I can now recall in the above thread I was already speaking about a little business thing a year ago or so. Guess that wasn't very reasonable by then, now I can see way clearer.
Started receiving therapy the 13th of march and after 10 sessions (€70 each) and nearly 6 months later, I know notice I've lived with not much above €2K for half a year. Well, sister helps me out with a little hot meal a day and washes my clothes. Thanks. Home is paid let's say by my share in our business, which I once managed with father, and they get some repairman service from me here and there. Compared to other developed countries living in Spain is not that expensive, but you and me get this idea.
Various sessions were devoted to diabetes healing, full healing is much closer now and more intuitive gifted friendships have confirmed this to me. I should have focused on my economy harder, but I wasn't that aware to certain facts :(( before. All of this has to do with our thinking and the way it is connected to our true self and body. I won't be deterred in my path to healing, in spite of.

This is to ask for a lil help, as you may guess. I have a pendant bill or two. For those of you who may want to send me some PayPal bucks PM me please.
By the way, purchased one of the Convoy S2+ Copper Limited Edition hosts three months ago for a build to make a gift (!), guess it is best for me to sell it, hope it can serve well someone else in a nicer home. The planned build was with an XHP50A-00-0000-0D0UG435G (≈3500K 3-step EasyWhite, 90+ CRI, top G4 bin according to datasheet; bought the last 2 pieces from Arrow about more than a couple months ago), textured/orange peel reflector, H1-A boost driver soldered to pill and lighted tailcap. Guess that is not realistic for me now because I am rich LoL. Got all parts in case anyone interested in the build, including holster and a spare lighted tailcap. Could also sell only the host, but I'd prefer the build way if anyone cares. Got some XHP50A-00-0000-0D0UF440G emitter units I can make the build with, too.
Ouch with the shipping, guess this isn't China. Just made a quick check for a 20×15×10cm 500g packet and the figures I am seeing aren't exactly cheap. Will do with $25 to the United States and maybe a little above €15 to the main euro zones, but ask in any case.

Cheers for now :-)

P.S.: edited for a little fix. ;-)

Thanks a lot klrman. :(( :BLUSH:

So… how much total do you ask for the complete set of S2+ build parts with shipping to USA?

Thanks for the interest, DavidEF. So, you like the build model? I mean, with the XHP50A stuff? If so I could assemble it too, got hot air gun. I also have some right sized spare R050s (+1.5A), an R100 lying around (+0.75A) a few R200s (+0.375A) I can salvage, R330s (≈+0.23A)… The H1-A's effective output limit is ≈4.5A, since maximum input current is limited to 10A. I haven't verified if this S2+ comes with genuine Omten 1288 switches, I think it does. I say this because I've already killed plenty of cheap switches because of high tailcap currents in other flashlights LoL.

Tad warm white balance in the above photo.

For the raw parts including XHP50A and H1-A driver it would be nearly $90 just to cover my expenses, honestly. Let me know if you like it this way, and if you'd like for me to make the assembly, including lowering the driver LVP down to 2.625V. I also have some other 3V high CRI emitters if you choose other path.

Need to go find some suitable box.

Cheers ^:)

Okay. I think it’s a good deal, but unfortunately probably out of my budget for the foreseeable future. :((

could u do a Nichia 219C 2700k emitter and lighted tailcap or another emitter thats very warm <–3000k and if so how much to sweden ?


Closest thing I have is some LH351B 3000K CRI90+ emitters from AEDe's LH351D 4000K CRI90+ groupbuys thread, tested by maukka here with a small OP reflector from a Reylight Pineapple:

That is CRI and and tint, here's a bit of an output test:

I also have a brand new spare low-mid-high 3A MOSFET linear driver from FastTech which could work for it. Also have the stock S2+ SMO reflector.

Let me know if this fits. For warmer emitters, take a look at Clemence shop.

Cheers and best regards :-)

Originally posted on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 15:29; edited for fixes and addons.

im asking about the 2700k nichia because i saw some other member that did that here with the copper host.

You mean this emitter: Nichia NVSL219C @ Virence shop sm273-D220-L2-Ra9050 of course.

Is this right, mortuus?

If really interested, I can commit for such a build. But at least I'd have to ask you to pay me in advance ≈€7.63, so I can fully cover the cost of a piece of such emitter, shipping included. Clemence will be back from vacation in 4 days, and will start serving orders once then. In any case this would take some time to reach you, as it is unlikely that Clemence's order shipment would reach me in less than a month.

I'll keep looking for alternatives unless you're really interested. Take care.

Cheers ^:)

hi yes, that emitter would be good, i would need a total price what it would cost me, must think about it and decide also.

0K mortuus, let's see how such S2+ copper build would fare:

  • Nichia NVSL219C sw273-D220-L2-Ra9050 €7.63
  • LD-25 3000mA linear driver (HKJ's review) €3.94
  • Host with lighted tailcap, holster, gift box €37.90
  • Custom building labour and care tip €18
  • Packaging, shipping & handling €17.61

Grand total: €85.08

Notes: host came stock with 16mm 5050 copper board, but of course I reflow emitter on a 16mm 3535 copper one with tight temperature control.

Wellp, this does not seem like much sense if one can get a cheap local mod, but…

Of course nothing's written on stone, so let me know how you see it.

Cheers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Originally posted on Sat, 09/08/2018 - 04:12. Fix.

Well, it seems the Copper Convoy S2+ is being sold again, did noticed recently. Looks like they've redesigned it, different knurling and a front piece which reminds me of the S2. Grab one while you can, fellows! :-)

Cheers ^:)

Sry i am gonna have to wait on this, my gt mini is acting up so now im just sad with a new light that has a problem maybe i will be forced to ship it back to china and thats gonna cost me :frowning: sry barkuti.