A little help for a noob who want to buy a knife, please ^^

OK, the other day I was taking a look at tool things in our spanish Walmart :bigsmile: aka Carrefour :bigsmile:

So, I found a knife. I was looking at it for about a minute :love: Damn, I only own a few knives, love them but almost don't use them. Why? Well, a normal cutter fits all my needs :) But that knife... really caught my attention. It was a dark blue, folding knife for about 8 Euros, SRM/Enlan, etc. style, very cool looking. So, now I want one :bigsmile: Don't need it, but I want one, really :bigsmile:

I'm a noob in this, but I don't need the best knife ever. Only a few things:

- 16-18 cm opened (i.e. EDC size)

- clip

- price: about 10-12 bucks (I don't mind to spent a little bit more if there's such a need)

- and the most important - the blade. I really want a good, sharp blade.

Just to mention - I have an old, multi-tool, German SS blade knife. Damn, I've never sharpen it and it still cut like new. Awesome.

Here's an example of what knife I want:


What do you think? Other suggestions? Want one, good knife and don't know if I can trust in all SRM, Enlan knives. Looks like the best place to buy one is Exduct, but MF have some SRM too, and I have MF points for $3. (or I will probably buy that one I've seen in my local store. 8 Euros = $10.4 right now, so still in a budget side IMO)

Anyway, any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance.

The SRM and Enlans are pretty nice for the money, I think. I have a SRM 763 and really like it, but it is a little small. Just under 160mm long. I just got an Enlan EL-04 Micarta today (from Exduct). Even though it is only 200mm long it is *way* bigger. The 763 operates more smoothly, you can release the axis lock with one finger, and is easier to pocket, but the EL-04 is much more substantial (140g vs. 58g), fits my entire hand, and I like the looks of the micarta.

There are a lot of different SRM knives out there and a lot of posts to read through here. Seems like the 763 and 710 are both pretty popular. For Enlans the EL-01 seems popular, but maybe because it has been around longer.

Thanks for the info, mate ;)

Yeah, I know that we have enough threads about knives, but what can you tell me about the blade? Is it sharp enough? (I want a good sharp blade out of the box :| ).

Will try to read those reviews we have. Thanks.

I think you should look at the new kershaw rj1 for 25 bucks

And before you buy one, consider whether you would like an axis lock knife, an assisted opening knife, or just a regular thumb-flip knife.

Personally, I pretty much use only my axis lock knives; they are so much easier to open, and especially to close, than the others. But my assisted-opening knives are quite fun to play with, sort of like legal switchblades.

Hi Sashix, for me the SRM 700 series (16 cm) is a little too small for practical use and the 900 series (19-20cm) is a little too big for EDC role. The medium sized EDC category (18 cm) has not many knives to choose from. The Bee L02 is just about perfect for me, because it has a fantastic deep carry pocket clip, G10 handles, liner lock, dual thumbstuds and jimping. I have somewhat larger hands and most 16cm only allow a 3 1/2 finger grip which I find annoying. I assume that you already have seen the list of knive videos and vendors I collected? If you explicitly want a smaller knife, my recommendation goes to the SRM 710 which is now getting harder to find. Hoursbuying has the black nitrate coated one for a cheap $7.51, but their reputation is not the best. To get a better idea of knife sizes... some comparison pics

I have a friend who knows a lot about knives. He was impressed with how sharp both of my budget knives are. He did say of the EL-04 that he felt the angle of the grind on the blade meant it wouldn't hold an edge as well as something with a flatter edge (I don't know what the terminology is). At any rate, they are certainly sharp out of the box. He didn't say that about the 763, but he wasn't looking at them both at the same time. When he saw the 763 and found out it was $11, he asked me to order 2 of them for him.

OK, guyz, really appreciate all your input ;) And I like that you've understood correctly what type of knife I want :D

Thanks, mate. It's a really great knife, love it :love: But it's slightly out of my budget. Anyway, RJ 2 suits my needs better (18 cm opened vs. 20,5 cm RJ1). Retail price is much higher, where can I get it for 20 or lower? (RJ2 model)

Hi there, troop. Well, AFAIK axis lock knives cost $20+ and don't know if there are 18 cm knives with axis :(
Hehe, I need a wiki for all that stuff you telling me :bigsmile:

Hm... excellent knife, mate :D As I said before, you have suggested me knives I'm looking for :)
OK, G10 is like knurling in flashlights, right? What is it made of? Plastic? Resin? What it jimping? Darn, I need to search for more info about locking systems :bigsmile:
And yes, those threads are "frontpaged and stickied" in my browser :)
Thanks again for your help, guyz ;)

Someone gave me one of these. Think it cost about 10 bucks. Was ready to hate it and mark it off as junk but it really is sharp and opens and closes smoothly. Not my cup of tea but if you are on a budget it should get the job done. You could grab a Kershaw Nerve for around 17 if you look around.

The 763 is excellent for small EDC and it has the axis lock so many people like, hollow grind so really slices, it won't hold an edge forever but you won't get better steel for the price.

G10 is a plastic like material, but with decent strength. It can be smooth or textured for grip like knurling. Gimping is the groves on the back of the blade for example to aid grip.

G10 is the handle material and it is epoxy resin laminate of fiberglass reinforced nylon and you can machine it almost like metal and give it some "knurling" for better traction. Many people see it as "the best" handle material, considering all attributes incl value/price. Jimping are those grooves on the backside of the blade to give you better traction while cutting something. Both are great in "slippery when wet" conditions. Why don't you have a look at jekostas excellent A Primer on Pocket Knives thread... It's a good start to get a basic idea of what we are talking about and many terminologies are explained there. You can't really go wrong with any SRM, Enlan and Bee knives. Just a heads up, they are not really "completely" stainless steel as you are probably used to... they have some corrosion resistance, but it's better to dry them good after use. And 10-20 mm difference in size doesn't sound much, but it's a completely different class. The SRM 707 you mentioned in the first post is the sister knife to the CRKT Drifter.

Thanks again for your help :)

I think G10 will suits me better, I prefer more grip over cool look.

That jekostas thread is awesome. Will try to understand inner knife things.

Right now I haver/use these two knives (veeeeeeery similar to these ones, I mean):

A classic knife (18 cm, btw, just measure it)

and an old German Victorinox alike multi tool knife, similar to this one

The blade on that multitool knife is awesome, very sharp after years of use. And the first one is quite old too and very stiff :| That's why I looking for an easy open knife. The first one is 18 cm opened, and, having it in hand... :| right now I don't want a bigger one. So I will hold on on 16-18 cm knives.

Aaahhh, forgot to ask :bigsmile: What can you say about Kershaw brand? Never heard of it before and I see too many videos and so on :| Is it better than SRM, Enlan, etc.?

Kershaw is a US manufacturer who produces many budget-midrange priced knives and is also probably producing in Asia on their cheaper knives. They are known for their flipper opening mechanism. Too bad we in Europe don't get the US prices. Nutnfancy has several videos on youtube (Chill, Skyline and more) .

Criteria to buy a knife for me:

1. Size (most important)

2. Opening and locking mechanism (for me more important than point 3)

3. Blade shape and grind (I like FFG, full flat grind and I hate tanto shapes)

4. Handle material

I found that at DD

enlan 17cm, Bee L02, enlan M026BK

or that sanrenmu zb3-736 looks pretty cool for me but probably is too small and with bad grip

I think you should take something bigger like that that or that :)

about sharpness, on my little experience with snm, change also by different lot of the same model

The Enlan EL02, EL01 wouldn't be considered an EDCK by most people... too big and heavy. I own both so I know what I'm talking about. The EL01 is of nice quality though. The price on the L02 is really nice... never seen it so cheap. It seems that Manafont also has the 710 in black.

Thanks, vectrex

I've tried to found Kershaw RJ1/2 Islandchanel suggested before. Very nice knife but... I found it for 25 bucks :| + 30 bucks for shipping. No way :(

What criteria? I've already told you in my first post:

1- 16-18 cm opened

2- Well, an easy opening knife, while it's still in my budget ($10-12)

3- normal height blade for maintain EDC size

4- ... I think G10 for better grip :)

Hey, mixomaxo :bigsmile: Thanks for those suggestions, mate :)

Yup, those 21 cm Enlans are very beautiful :love: And with axis lock :) And they are, more or less, in my budget... but, as vectrex said, they are quite heavy and big for EDC :( No exact same Enlans models but in 18 cm max size and axis lock?

BTW, I've searched DD for Bee to no avail, and looks like it's the same knife you've suggested, but it's EXTREMA RATIO brand :| WTF?! Or is it a Bee knife? For that price + my DD points... :P $)

The navy 502 is approx 18cm, full flat grind with G10 scales. It's not built as well as the SRM. It claims to be a better steel but I doubt that and the blade is a really nice size and shape, nice low weight for EDC

If you do go for a larger folder the Inron MY801 is very similar to the enlan but with better steel and slightly better quality, tends to be a few bucks more expensive if you can find them

Im new to the knife thing as well, found out about Sanrenmu/Enlan Bee brands, did a little research and looks like Ive found perfect budget EDC quality knife brands out there!

Ordered 4 of them from hoursbuying, hope it wont take forever to receive.

704 black, 730 silver, 763, T01 are the ones Im waiting for ATM :D

Now Im looking for cheap Sanrenmu 681 and 702, hoursbuying has the latter, but I think I saw one cheaper somewhere else, dont remember where tho :D

Ive seen mixed reports regarding HB reliability, but I hope Ill receive quality products in timely manner ;)

If SRM turns out to be great, Im thinking of getting couple of Enland knifes too, bit pricier but I like the looks of EL01.