A little poll: wich are for you the most aggressive style looking folder knives of ganzo/enlan/navy/inron/harnds/sanrenmu?

Yes, the steel too. The benmade is better but 10 times better than the ganzo g712? (or so). For that reason the good quality low price chinese brands are so good.

Well, that is a matter of individual preference. We can debate on manufacturing, QC, heat treat and various qualities of steel (ease of sharpening vs. edge retention, chipping resistance etc.).

I would rather own one Benchmade than 10 Ganzo, but that is just me and what I like in a knife.

Of course, ech one have an opinion. I prefer 10 ganzos to 1 benchmade (i enjoy more with the 10 ganzos playing with them :bigsmile: ). For me they are littles toys.

Apparently Ganzo do manage to heat treat their blades well. I guess it helps that they’re really an OEM manufacturer of multi-tools who just happen to make knives on the side.

I’m considering getting a G711 some time. I do prefer full flat grinds on knives. It means they’re good at the only thing I use knives for, slicing stuff.

If we want to look for the most imposing knife I can think of, irrespective of manufacturer or country of origin, I’m tempted to say Cold Steel’s Voyager XL with the fully serrated Vaquero blade.

I really wouldn’t want to be approaching someone opening one of those.

LOL, my new Ladybug Hawkbill looks just about as scary in a good closeup photo - well, except maybe with the yellow (salt version) scales.

That’s true.

G712 would be more aggressive than straight blades. Spyderco Hawkbill and Harpy curve downwards. But it’s not the worst yet. The Spyderco Civillian has a history in it’s purpose of design for the DEA or such. It’s impossible to bring out without undue attention :

Yes but none of the quality chinese brands have a clon of the spyderco civilian… It would be a great success!! :bigsmile:
The vaquero and others knives from cold steel are very agressive but chinese do not make folder so big, even the gabzo g712 is smaller than the original benchmade bedlam.

Civilian or Matriarch, just the thing for pruning rose bushes! :bigsmile:

Well, the enlan el03d is agressive too but nothing like the matriarch or civilian:


Did you really think they’d pass up the opportunity

Yes a fake civilian with surely bad quality steel.
A civilian clon would be a good option for navy or ganzo, the experts of clons.

9Cr18MoV? Not the best perhaps, but as good as you’re likely to get in China.

The odd thing about the copiers is that they do have some pride in their work. For example I have a clone of the Hinderer XM-18. It is a titanium framelock and one of the weaknesses of titanium framelocks is that the titanium is softer than the blade steel so wears down and galls. Now the original uses a carbidizing process to reduce wear but that’s quite a specialized process and probably adds a chunk to the cost. Instead the copiers machined the end of the lockbar to take a hardened steel insert. They didn’t have to do that, and it would have looked more authentic if the had not, but they did it in order to make a better, more reliable knife.

Whilst I have no great desire to own a clone of the Civilian, and not much greater desire to own an original for that matter, I’m sure that someone who bought a copy as a copy would find it satisfactory enough. The Civilian isn’t really a knife you buy for EDC anyway. It’s more for eviscerating people and pretty much any steel is harder than flesh.

Navy steel appears pretty bad, or at least their heat treatment is off (non-existent?). Ganzo do have a good heat treatment, but they seem to only make replicas of Benchmade knives.

Probably the best “copy” of the Civilian comes from Spyderco themselves in the form of the Matriarch 2. With the Emerson Wave feature I think it’s one of the best SD knives around.

The full serrated Navy K631 for me:

You think the full serrated has a more aggressive look than the plain edge on the navys k631?.

Especially the lower one. The more angles for light to reflect off of the better! :slight_smile:

Yesss! :slight_smile:

The lower one is the previous version of the K631. It almost looks like a downsized Spyderco Police.

It arrived today. :slight_smile: