A little poll: wich are for you the most aggressive style looking folder knives of ganzo/enlan/navy/inron/harnds/sanrenmu?

I think from all that brands… perhaps the ganzo g707 and ganzo g712 would be the winners. Really i can’t think on others really aggressive models.



way too attention getting style for my tastes.
I’ve been pulled over by the cops once or twice, and they saw my ” glovebox knife”
and had no issues ( I let them know BEFORE reaching for the registration, that
my knife and flashlight are in there).
The style shown looks too “stilettoish” and may cause more grief in similar situations.

Definitely G712.

G712 for aggressive looks for sure. It happens to be an awesome knife, as well! The G711 has the same handle with a little more practical blade style. For what is, IMO, the best Ganzo knife made to date as far as build quality and finish, check out the G717B. Second to that I'd recommend the G716

There are some nasty looking knives that don’t make the stores.

Enlan E237TKB-1

Enlan SL130TKB

Enlan G007


Enlan E319RMCT-3

The Ganzo G-712 is an intimidating blade, so is the Ganzo G-707.
My favourite besides the Enlan EL-01 series is the Enlan EL-04MCT I think it’s the deep blade that does it.

Well, the hanzo g711 has not the same handle like the g712. Both are recurved but they are not the same handle. The handle of the g712 is more secure for piercing too.

And… Where are that enlans?

They haven’t made it to the stores. :bigsmile: at least the ones that I use.
There is an Enlan/Bee EL-03D that is close to the E319RMCT-3. Fonder sell it but I’ve never bought from them, only found them on Google. And now I’m getting an error message from that link.

Here’s an ebay seller that has the EL-03D ebay link.

There’s also a twin bladed version of that, one plain and one serrated but I’ve not seen that on sale for a while

There are a load of knives we don’t see that are manufactured in China, probably less than 1%.

See any you recognize here . Looking round some of the manufacturers links is an eye-opener.
The stores only choose what they think will sell.

Between those two, I would go with the 2nd one. Seems neat and fairly practical.

The 712 would be my vote. The Persian blade style is rather imposing.

Yes but those are from cold steel, benchmade etc. The post is about sanrenmu/ganzo/enlan/inron/harnds/tekut and the typical low cost chinese brands…
Cold steel may be the most intimidating brand in the world!.

Do you think more than the ganzo g707?.

By the way, it seems to be new ganzos and aggressive too:


G712 gets my vote, though I think Benchmade did it better with black blade and glass breaker:

G707, although automatic, seems a little too “gentlemanly”.

No matter the cost. Nor the brand. It’s about the shape of the G-712 blade that attracts attention :

Yes, the benchmade is better for smoother axis, longer blade (important) and the glassbreaker. I suppose a better quality overall.

Too cheap for being good…


I think the sheer size of these Harnds Blazer’s is plenty scary it’s down to the 105mm blade.
The Ganzo G-712 is a mean looking knife as well, can’t be beaten for high value nastiness.

The black would be better without the serrations but it looks less gimmicky than the satin with the blade and hardware matching the black on the scales.

Cheap, I’ll double that cheap.
Fake Fake Fake not even close to a Strider. Good price though. :bigsmile:

154CM steel, with harder treatment thanks to the (58-61 HRC). They also make an auto-axis version 8600: