A more detailed video on the Human Lathe method of cutting down a Maglite barrel

I decided to do another 1D Maglite, from a 2D, so in the process, I figured I would do a video. 2 days later it's up on youtube.

The first part of the video is actually about the Mag switch and the rest is about the cutting down of the body.

This is a Long Video! Yes, I talk way too much and I know it.Embarassed


Thats one long video. Nice work using hand tools

i made a few of these and its some hard work doing it lol.....im going to be getting a Precision Mathews pm1127LB and ill be offering these 1D mag's cheap or service to cut ur body down

but great vid on teaching how to do this +1

@ nitro

Good, if you're going to supply them, then I won't have to.Wink I was going to make a couple more and sell them off, but if you're on it, then I can slack off and maybe take a break. I need one. The wife's making gardening lists faster than I can read them. It's so warm here so early, she has gone and jumped the gun.

I have used all my misc spare parts lying around for this build and a single AA Copper tube light that I just finished, so it would be a good time for a break.Smile

I envy the lathe, but if I had one, I would be livin in the garage, so it's better I don't.Tongue Out

i just ordered 1 so know i have to wait for it :)

Awesome !!!

I'm torn between that one and the PM1236. Matt has been a pleasure to work with, so far.

Great vid! I've been thinking about trying my hand at a 1D Mag.

i decided to go with the 1127LB just because it is in my price range and will fit in a garage the PM1236 is good if u have the room and $$$$

i dont see me doing any big major jobs only doing flashlight/heatsink projects ect......plus few hundred more for tools lol

Book-marked, Im going to watch this later.

Thanks for making the video.