A New 1xAA/1x14500 light with Side Switch (Stepless Version Added)

This is very interesting. A 1xAA/1x14500 light with Side Switch.

Yes, very tempting. Would be interesting to know how the UI works.. Anyone planning to review this?

I seem to be the only one who has to ask “Brand & Model” please?

The blue switch suggests Lumintop.

Cnqualitygoods shws it as Palight.
Specs only list AA—but photo caption has AA & 14500 listed.
Not sure even 14500 can reach the claimed 830 lumens…

I think an IMR 14500 could easily reach 830 lumens.

It looks amazing. “P14500” on the side of the head. 14500/AA in the third pic.

3.5inches long. Side switch.

2A isn’t a problem for IMR 14500.

I like it! Might hit 830 emitter lumens with an IMR but even then it wouldn’t be for long.


it’s only 3.4 inches long, it’s a beaut!

Looks nice. I wonder if the strobe mode is hidden..

No tail switch! Pity! I prefer to have 2 switches, and not only a side switch.. the reason why I sold my Sunwayman C15A and my Olight S15!

wtf glenn is that you on the picture?look younger than your previous picture :open_mouth:

Yep that's me from 2 years ago. I only post the good ones which are getting harder to take at my age. lol

yes: D
already in contact with Ric about this light, it won’t be “Palight” for a long time, also modes will be redone.
I can tell more but then I would have to kill all of you :smiley: lol

The pic and name makes me think it's a slightly better olight. Maybe it's the programmer in me. Replace "o" with "p", but barely so, so it's just "pa".

I like that like the olight S15 is has a lanyard hole that allows it to sit flat. The lack of a tail clickie isn't a big deal to me so long as it has tailcap lockout, and it'd be better if it had electronic lockout too. Of course I don't care about any of that if it doesn't have a good low mode and UI.

That $25 price is very attractive. I'll consider getting one to carry instead of my RRT01 when I can expect it to get sandy...control rings and sand don't get along well.

25 dollars seems pricey for an aa light ?

Ordered one :slight_smile:


a little bit since I bought a Roche f12 for 16 dollars