A new bike light

So I've been using my Sipik68 clone for a while, but well, that's just a light I got in my backpack and that should not be on my bike... So I'm searching for a new light on my bike.

I use my bike just for cycling to my job and gf. I bought these things: http://www.buyincoins.com/details/3-silicone-bicycle-parts-holder-mount-tie-strap-bandage-product-2531.html so I can put a flashlight on my bike. Did not receive them yet so I don't know IF they work :P.

Anyway my budget is around $10. I see a lot of XML talk these days but I ain't got any 18650 batteries and I don't think I will ever buy some since I only use AA and AAA these days. What's the best light I can get around this price, what's new on the market? :P

Thanks for the help everyone!