A New Give Away Activity of Dinodirect

Hello dear friend, thanks very much for your always great support to Dinodirect. I am glad to tell you the good news about our new give away activity.
Get One of Your Free $5 Gift Cards from DinoDirect!!! :slight_smile:
Dinodirect is now sending out 50 $5 Gift Cards to our USA Facebook Fans. This giveaway campaign is only available for American friends .You can also tell your US friends to get the Gift Cards.
Everybody is eligible to get it via only one simple step:
Like both of the 2 FB pages about Flashlights and PC Tablets:

1.One account and one address can only get one free sample. (Spam account will be removed from this campaign).
2. The deadline is Oct 31th 24:00
3.When you finish the steps, please tell me the name of your Facebook account, and I will send you the gift card.
4. Only first 50 friends will get the gift cards.
If you any other questions, please contact with me.

Best regards

Why only US?

We will also have similar activity for all the BLF friends, and I will post here too.

Hi Summer
All done.
My fb name is Hill Rubin
thank you

Okay, I liked both.

My Facebook username is jawzombie

Thanks Summer! :)

Done…sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Done, my facebook username is David Scaru.

Back when I used to buy from DD I did this like thing once on facebook to try and get the promised $5 credit to my account and never got nothing. More DD broken promises. But too little too late for me. DD is on my do not buy list.

I'm with ya there but if I get a gift card I'll order something less than 5 dollars, if I don't whatever. :) No more of my money will be going to DD though.

I hear ya.

Their as risky as a honest politician. LOL!

I wonder if I could get $10 if I disliked them on Facebook?

Careful, folks. Take advantage of this free gift card and you may be excluded from the next group buy that could be around the corner. The last free gift they offered came with a price. ;)

Might want to hold off until Summer promises no hidden strings on this like there was on another one.

I sure don’t want to miss that.

I wonder if you can order anything below 5 bucks with that coupon, most probably it will say that you have to spend 50+ to be able to use it :wink:

:wink: thank you mr Dino!

Thanks for your support, $5 gift card has sent :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, $5 gift card has sent :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, $5 gift card has sent :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, $5 gift card has sent :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for your support. And now there are six friends get their gift cards. The giveaway activity will end soon, hurry up to get your $5 gift cards friend.