A picture is worth a 1000 words

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words

So post a picture of your favorite lights


A Video

- Just one pic per light please ...

Here is a great video of some great lights

Nitecore D-10

one of my favorite flashlight videos of this light..


Nice Video

Thanks for pointing us to it

Like reviews it will help people pick a light that will work for them

The Micro Maclight

Mini Maglite 2*AA cut down for a single 14500 Li-Ion, XM-L T6 @ 2A (5-modes) and TIR optics.

CNQualitygoods.com S2 or a (3) D cell MAG-LIte?

My favorite is always changing. At the moment it is this one:

They said a picture is worth a 1000 words, I'll say that again....

My favorite boutique manufacture!



is this a picture of GoingGear's retail store?

A torch so popular, its commonly found modified or bling'ed up. Sorry boaz, this is another picture of the same torch

I'm guessing that's a compliment so Thank you saypat..



That is one neat way to re-package a DQG, love it!

Must also mention rikr's store front ;)

Thumbs up!!

( how many hours of work invested? )

I'm with you on that, SirJohn. Love my B-2.

How did you do that?

Does it use battery power?

One word you will grow to love - Tritium.

Can you post a link please.


Ah. Thanks for this reminder... got a couple MM's lying around. Next mod!