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> never warned
Employers don’t warn about dangers when the problems take years or decades to add up.
Sensitization, in particular, can take years, then all of a sudden you can’t get near the stuff.
and if they start giving warnings, they’d have some liability for their former employees and retirees.
You can look this stuff up: https://www.google.com/search?q=solder+flux+hazard


I went to sit down but first i checked lucky aye!



Toilet seat ?

Nah the chair in my work area…

even the Redback’s love your chairs !

I’ve killed about 4 of the bastards in recent times, you gotta be careful that’s for sure

I sprayed every where in the shed with outdoors spray i will go past bunnings and buy more outdoor spray and do around the shed. i would expect a few seeing as its a shed

man cave need power .

Run some power to it underground .

I have been using an extension cord it works okay for now…

How did you crack open the head on the XP-1?