A quick reminder about SPAM levels

Hi everyone,

Since we instituted the BLF peer moderation system, I would say we have generally been able to handle SPAM very effectively as a community. Thanks to everyone who has pulled the trigger on SPAM, thus eliminating it quickly. Just a few reminders about the "Mark as SPAM" button on every post...

  • Please remember that the "Mark as SPAM" button is for SPAM posts that are totally off topic (medicine, drugs, gambling, inflatable octopus gadgets, etc). Similarly it could be used to get rid of inconsiderate, obnoxious sellers who acts as shills, pretending to be buyers when they are really just trying to post a link to their site.
  • However, please remember that BLF encourages links to legitimate flashlight products that could be of interest to us. Please do NOT mark legitimate sellers as SPAM, especially when they make relevant posts or introduce their company in the correct category.
  • This is not Slashdot. ;-) Please do NOT use the SPAM button when you disagree with somebody. Just reply in a comment (in a respectful tone) why you disagree.
  • If your account shows a negative SPAM rating, it's probably just a mistake. Please don't be offended. Just send me a PM and I'll fix it ASAP.

That's all. Have fun!

NOOO! I've just finished my Review on Ultrafire Inflatable Octopus! Now i have to throw it away!

Mr. Admin is spamming our forum with spam about spam, again. ;-)

Spam, spam, spam spam!

Sadly, I could not find a SPAM flashlight.


All of the replies above are "totally off topic"! Must resist marking all as SPAM. They even admit it in the posts!

That's what I love about BLF.

The Admin is announcing some information about spam policy and all he gets are answers containing spam. :bigsmile:

Hey, Mr. Admin, maybe you shouldn't have ended your post with the words "Have fun!" ;)

Man, now I'm all hungry.

Dam I was looking forward to the review.

There's Inflatable Octopussies available? Are they budget? Me wants! Is budgetinflatableoctopussy.com still free?

You obviously have not been to the adult gadget section of DX...

I guess starting a new section is out of the question

the gift shop is pemanently closed.... there goes another good idea.;(