A right angle flashlight

A portable mini flashlight!

Yes, yes it is.


Samlighting, you posted some product pictures without some descriptions and not even with the link to the product itself, so what am I suppose to do with it?

What battery type does it take? What LED is in it? Some disassembled pictures that show the pill, type of switch (mechanical or electronic switch?), driver diameter? Price? Etc. etc….

Come on.

Such right-angled!

There must be more information about this somewhere, from someone.

Here is some, using an Image Search

The farm tool Hoe Manufacturer web page (page way, way down) has it (without mentioning zoom, tho’) as:

On that Image Search result, page down to the second page and you’ll see that as a zoom, offered as an infrared light:
China Night vision T20 UF-T20 850nm IR LED flashlight …

T67 MINI single cell T67 infrared 850nm IR illuminator 1 mode
80 × 80 - T67 MINI single cell T67 infrared 850nm IR illumin 1504-001B • Min. Order: 1 Pieces • FOB Price: US$ 15 - US$ 18 • supplied by Shenzhen Homesafety …

Also, again doesn’t mention zoom:

Do I win one as a prize for finding it?

It’s nice to see a right angles light zoomie.

Hoe-fire! You heard it here first.

I have always had a thing for right angle lights. I have purchased most that I have come across. Most have been a disappointment.

Ok I am calling your bluff :slight_smile:

For people with ‘fused wrists,’ I can see the point!


epic fail to the seller/advetised but actually i quite like how the design goes with button on top, much better than the solarforce one

I like UniqueFire color better.

seeing that now i highly agree with you

> uniquefire
What’s the weird little ragged hole on the side of the tube near the green cap for the switch?
(can’t seem to get the URL for the image)

Setscrew maybe? Is this finally a right-angle light that can be taken apart and modified?

If so …

Uniquefire V4



OP please post links to the product
1*14500 rechargeable battery or 1*AA dry battery