A SECOND WINNER ADDED: ouchyfoots 1000 Post Giveaway: New Olight S20 Baton - CLOSED

Well, I hit my 1000 post, so I guess it's my turn for a giveaway.

When I first came to BLF, CheapThrills had a giveaway that was
focused on giving newer members a chance to win...and I won.
I have not forgotten that, and am going to do the same.

My giveaway is a brand new Olight S20 Baton!

The S20 Baton is a slim, compact 1x18650, 2xCR123 light. I have been
carrying mine as EDC for three months now, and found it to be
excellent for the purpose.

- Entrants must be registered BLF members before Feb.14, 2013 BUT after Aug. 14, 2012
- No post count restrictions.
- Please add " I Want That Olight S20 Baton" to your post.

Professional Users: I would prefer that professional users who are registered within the stated timeframe refrain from entering in order to give regular newcomers to BLF a chance. I will not be
monitoring for entrants status, please use your own discretion.

Giveaway wil close at any time after Feb. 17, 2013 ( depending on participation )

Due to international shipping costs, the winners Olight S20 Baton will be ordered from doingoutdoor.com and shipped to the winners address.

Okay! Who wants that Olight S20 Baton?

I Want That Olight S20 Baton

Honestly, I´ve been looking so many times for these Olight lights. I really like their design but I just can´t/want to pay that much for a light : (

Wish me luck!


I Want That Olight S20 Baton

Very nice little light. Thanks for the opportunity Ouchyfoot.

sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo much ,thanks for the chance .

Count me in. Thanks Ouchyfoot.

I Want That Olight S20 Baton,thanks for the giveaway.

I’d like to drop my name in the hat too. While we all can’t be winners, it sure is fun to try :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone, and thanks for doing this Ouchyfoot.

Wow great idea, I am far from a 1000 posts but count me to do this when I hit it. Glad I found this place, already bought 2 lights and some batteries from some good people. Thanks!!

I Want That Olight S20 Baton!

Count me in.

Thanks Ouchyfoot.

I Want That Olight S20 Baton!

Congrats for winning the other giveaway and great to see that you’re giving back to the community :slight_smile:

I haven’t been here long but I’ve seen a good bit of positive reaction to the Olights. I would love to have one of my own to try out. So please count me in because…

I want that Olight S20 Baton

Great giveaway. Thanks, Ouchyfoot!

” I Want That Olight S20 Baton”

Count me in on this generous and awesome offer. I have been tempted by this light for a while now!

count me in please I WANT THAT OLIGHT S20 BATON

I Want That Olight S20 Baton,

This is a very nice giveaway


I Want That Olight S20 Baton

So nice of you to do this!

Very thoughtful of you and very nice giveaway, Ouchyfoot!!

Congratulations for your 1000th post!! :slight_smile:

I Want That Olight S20 Baton

Amazing. Such nice gesture! And such nice light!

I Want That Olight S20 Baton

thank you!

Guys, read the first rule of this giveaway :slight_smile:

Ouchyfoot, nice idea to include only newcomers :slight_smile: