A Solarforce Foy doesn't own

I know it sounds absurd ... (it's old)... curious if anyone knew about this light ?? I'm a side button / two button kind of guy.

SolarForce T7

Google images .

I'm curious if he has an L2m. I ordered one of those last night after I found out how much I enjoyed the size of the Ultrafire 501A.

The T7 looks cool. I just ordered my first side-switch Chinese light the other day, a stainless steel one. What is the 2nd button for on the T7? Modes?

I've got an L2m coming to me on a slow from boat from you know where. On their other site http://www.solarforce.hk/PRD/main.jsp they show a T4 that I've never seen on solarforce-sales. You can't order anything from that other site so . . .

Most of the Solarforces I don't (yet) have are because they're a little more than I need to spend right now.


I've been in love with the T4 for a long while.

Reminds me of a $urefire E1L which I like lots, too.

I don't have neither one, tho; as I just bought a more versatile L2P with a T6 single mode dropin and a FH-5 holster - and still have some money left compared to what I'd had to spend for a T4 (not to mention an E1L "outdoorsman", you could buy like two more L2Ps for that). I'm careful that I don't get a case of collecting disorder again, it catches on quite easily. I've been through the packrat-disease once already, my basement is still cramped with car parts.

On the bright side (pun intended) flashlights are less messy compared to leaky toploader fourspeeds, torque converters and used third member pumpkins.

I have, I bought the whole T4 kit on an Ebay about two years ago.

I mean't to use it as an EDC but it was just too nice, so it's just a shelf queen but who knows maybe one day I will use the lantern if we get a power cut.

The T4 is another old light, I suspect they don't have any left.

Try googling T4 and you will find quite a few from $60 up.

I was curious about the dual buttons on the T7.. kind of like the VB-16

Yup, they have never been fitting the term "budget" that well, but still are a lot less than their E1L equivalent.

Modifications also seem to demand a little more ingenuity than just the ubiquitous P60-lego.

Then again, this light appears to be a tad too nice to really tinker with it, anyways. Potentially a shelf queen IMHO... but a sweet one!