A Stainless Steel 26650 XM-L, WOW!!


It can burn hands as steel doesn't seem to lose its temperature easily.

Just order two to keep your hands warm in the winter.

That is a sexy light but with all of that fine finning on it heat should not be as big of an issue as with most SS lights.

It was already published at CNQG: http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1307

I don´t know how good would be the heat dissipation, but I really like it haha, and its body will last quite more without scratched or at least minor scratches.

i thought about this light.

Oh, sorry for the repost then. I really like the lights on intl-outdoor.com lately and wanted to share this one added to the site today.

No problem at all Kokopelli, it just reminded me I had seen it before, I did not even check the price difference between them.