A surprise! A lot of drivers now avalable at manafont!


That's really great, but why are the prices for a few units so high?

I mean, I understand the need to cover shipping costs, but for the price of 10 you can get 20 if you order the batch... (not to mention that 20 single cost twice that of the batch)

This is absurd, he should've given much larger discounts for 5+ and 10+ units.

Basically are all the same , no sense resistor to play a bit...strobe or full disco modes

Are these current regulated drivers or PWM?

I think I want one to mod my C30 to be able to use both 3xAAA and 1x18650, but if this is PWM I'm not sure I want it...

Why would you say the price is high ?

+ Looks like you can mod for higher current .. Good to see Manafont getting into the DIY ...

They need a 0.8v - 4.2v 3 mode driver or 5 mode driver in 17mm ...

I said the price is high for multiple units, since Manafont also lists a 24 piece version for 24$ and change.

I'm not familiar with this driver. It is supposed to give the led 1100mA or it is supposed to draw that much from battery? It is obviously not a linear regulator (i like those) and looks it has no boost capabilitis so it will dim over time. No user configurable modes either. Good price tho if you need a load of those!

In the past i noticed many drivers i worked with which were not defined a fixed current by use of AMC7135 had the issue of drawing current correlated to the Vf of the led driven. If such a driver pulled 1,2A from a lets say Q5 putting it on a good R5 in XP-G (which are known to have lower Vf than XR-E, XP-E leds) you woudl get a draw over 2A. I was amazed how brigh it was a R5. Made me check the amp draw and i stopped immediately. An R5 at 2.1A (tailcap) was easily going over 500Lm by eye. I changed the driver soon not wanting to ruin my best R5 which being a "normal" one was quite a nice tint. Almost perfect neutral white.

I'm impressed by Manafont going the DIY route and supply us with drivers. I believe many like myself want to change drivers to remove the shortcomings of stock drivers which often consist in removing the strobes, and driving a particular led to it's supposed rated current. I would like to see more offerings. The single most wanted driver would be a buck/boost diver with voltage range from 0.8-4,2 with user selectable modes or just lo-med-hi that provides 1000mA or 1400mA (user configurable) to the led. If it would also provide a detection of li-ion batteries and not let them discharge below 3V would be very desired. Such driver will probably be pretty much anyone ever needs.