A thrower, a drop-in and a hunting torch

I have had my eye on this forum for awhile now but have never felt the need to post a question as I have always been able to find what I am after...however after going spotlighting a few nights ago I realized my go-to light (a WF-504B with a R5 drop-in...which also needs a new clicky now that I think of it) did not cover all my requirements. So...here is what I have decided:

  • I need a dedicated thrower: something that is simply unbeatable for its size and lumen / lux output (it also has to look good too ).
  • I need a XML drop-in...I have a XR-E R2 and a XP-G R5, so it is only natural that I get a XML.
  • Finally...I need a red light (in the 620-660um wavelegth) capable of lighting up rabbits out to 70m. The place I spotlight has had a bit of pressure so the rabbits are very light shy hence the red. I am thinking a Luxeon 90 lumen LED + aspherical for this...does anyone still sell these?

Here are my requirements: They all need to be 18650 powered...between the range of 3-4.2V is preferred. I would like the thrower to be an XML single 18650 however this depends slightly on the looks and performance of any 2 x 18650 out there. I am toying with the idea of putting a DX / Manafont 3.7-4.2V circuit board in the drop-in.

The selection of torchs/ parts that I have found so far that look like they may do the job:

UF 980L: http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ultrafire-uf980l-980lumen-t6-memory-led-flashlight-118650-p-5513

SKy Ray STL-V3: http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sky-ray-stlv3-xml-t6-led-modes-flashlight-186502x16340-p-7348

XML-T6 drop-in: http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ultrafire-cree-t6-warm-white-5mode-memory-led-dropin-module-42v-max-p-7747

There are one or to more I had my eye on but I do not have time right now to find the links to them.

Sorry if this seams demanding...but I am willing to do a decent review on here for anything I do end up with . Cheers

Bro, i think it's a bit impossible. Do you really need it to be XM-L?

For a single 18650 thrower I would suggest the Trustfire X9, a bit bigger than other lights in 1x18650 category but throws pretty well.

Ian, the best would be the Fandyfire STL-V6 or Sky Ray STL-V2, you'd need to use an additional C8 tube (I use my Ultrafire U80 + tailcap). I put in 2 of the BIO IMR 18350 (good stuff), wah lah. 170mm long thrower of 50k lux.

Welcome to the forum, Manual Man. I hope you'll get your answers here.

You may also answer to questions, it's not necessarily to ask something to join a forum.

Maybe the recent Shenzhen holidays created some goods/stocks problems.

Thanks for the input guys, the STL-V2 does look like it would do the job well...I dismissed this light earlier-on due to its modes (both groups with strobe) and its size. After having a good look at it again and reading some reviews it looks like it will suffice (even if it is a 2x18650 light). What I might do (if I can find/make one) is replace the circuit board with one that has a dedicated High...Med...Low.

The other option it would seem is the aforementioned Trustfire X9 (which I have seen but didn't have time to find and link-up yesterday). This light looks awsome + has a good reflector (for a 1x18650 light) however the thing that has stopped me getting it so far is the heat sinking and fact that it does not seem to be well regulated (from Agentthex's comment about it), again the option is there to try mod the light a little and improve heatsinking and replace the circuit board.

Thank you for the welcome Hikelite, again sorry it seems I joined only to take information and not give but at the moment my knowledge and experiences are limited. I will however contribute where I can .

You might wish to get the red led Spiderfire L2, and put an aspherical lens on it.


Cheers guys...I have decided on the Trustfire X9 (for ~$34 off Ebay) as my dedicated thrower, one of Manafonts XML T6 drop-ins and lastly a WF-501B with Luxeon K2 (red) LED drop-in for around $20...again off Ebay (I would have bought the one off DX...however it would appear they actually have a Cree XR-E red in them (which are dimmer)).

Can't comment on the red 501b but have a green DX 501b and it came with a Cree XRE not K2 Luxeon as advertised. In my case it was an upgrade as I own a green K2 and could compare them. Kicks butt for it's size with a 28mm aspherical lens. Hope your needs are met with the red 501b @ 70m. Wanted more distance (300m+ for coyote/hogs) and ended up making my own red light. It is a direct drive 2d Maglite running 2 Tenergy nimh 10,000ma keeping the vf2.5v @ 8a+ at the tail with my own design copper/aluminium heat sink and a 50mm aspherical. The led is a Luminus Phlatlight PT54 red. My estimate is 500+ lumens although Luminus rates it at 750lm@13.5a . Am still experimenting with reflectors and lens. Tried to be methodical in powering using 18650 lion & lmr with voltage regulator but Nimh won out in the end with simplicity and runtime.

BTW...The postman failed to deliver last Friday but will hopefully deliver today my DX Fandyfire SLT-V6. Anyone have an easy method to remove the name?

I took my skyray 3 xml and my trustfire tr1600 with six q5 for a trip in the country. The trustfire is a much better light imo. Longer throw and brighter spot. No beam shots as we got too drunk prior to the night time walk. If you want some throw forget about the skyray. I wish I had my x9 to compare.