A Tribute to BLF

One day I was Surfing the Net
And Discovered the best Forum yet
the Folks were all Nice
and Full of Advice
and Encouraging , though we'd just Met

They All demonstrated such Skill
Solving Problems through sheer Force of Will
If Knowledge is Power
They gain More every Hour
Every Day they get much Stronger still

If You face a difficult Task
They will Help all they Can if you ask
It's a Rare selfless Place
With a Wide smiling Face
And a Hand if you Need one to Grasp

Bravo! :party:

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I'm curious how you're choosing what to capitalize. Do you just do whatever feels right or is there some method to your rhymeness?

Awesome (tip of the hat)!


Yeah, I've never been on a forum before where random people host their own private giveaway drawings before! This is the best forum I've ever been on...

i luv Boaz's joke thread .. but jack's poems are much fun too, thanks!!

You are the limerick King

That might be the best one yet, Jack.

Nice one Jack. You really have a talent for this :-)


Hei, you're better than Dante Alighieri!

  • I like BLF
  • It is an awesome forum
  • Flashlights are so cool

  • Budget Light Forum
  • It's all cool in the hizzy
  • This site is so fly





Excellent poetry Jack!

Great job Jack! Now you just need to change your username to "jackthepoet".