a ( using 26650 maybe )Flashlight + Power bank

Hi guys i found this 6600mAh Power Bank + Waterproof LED Flashlight at KD
judging by it size could it be use 26650 battery?

Maybe, but pricy.

yeah if KD could make it at $25 :frowning:

Wow, it dose cost a lot. I have this RAVPower 10400mAh which has more juice and much cheaper than the one you found. It only cost me $30 on Amazon.

6600 mAh? it’s probably 3 X 18650 - 2200mAh batteries
which you could swap it with panasonic 3400 batteries and it’ll give you 10200 mAh :smiley:
but fasttech JinHeng much better… use your own batteries :slight_smile:

i don’t know but judging by battery container it use 26650 maybe?

no… there’s no 26650 6600 mAh yet :smiley:

i don’t know if i can trust those 6600mAh claim maybe 4000mAh is the right one :stuck_out_tongue: