A word of advice ( Flashlight Vendors )

Now I don’t know if anyone else suffers from this affliction. But I thought I would post to find out. To the Vendors out there selling flashlights. The amount of money put forth by the members here is astounding. Why in the name of Gods little great earth would you post links that are broken or not working? I can’t speak for anyone else. But you know what happens when you do that? You lose a sale… When I click on a substandard link, my first thought is this. They can’t even post a working link? How in the world are they going to get this light to me? Then I google it & buy it from someone else. With all the money we spend on these lights. You really may want to check your work. After all, our money is paying your pay check. Rant over…


+1. seems they just want money for nothing!.
ZL comes to mind right there.

I suggest 3*SBT70 thrower! :stuck_out_tongue: