A Work of Art

Hi all,

If you have a Jetbeam E10R please let us know what you think about it.

Thanks everyone!

:+1: I want one!

Whoa, that kinda bites about them just keeping your light like that. Definitely not nice…

I was interested in this light, however in other posts in BLF, I’ve heard of people reporting issues with the NiHM charging circuit charging batteries to only a fraction of the battery’s rated capacity. That concerns me.

Hahaha nice vid
That church part is meant to say “I forgive you” right?

Every time I watch a video it strikes me how the way you talk into the camera makes you look so , how to put it, nice. Almost like a young kid one meets and is a bit shy when asked a question, yeah no pun intended but it strikes me every time and it works very well coming from a tough looking guy like you, adding a high likability factor
I bet that if you were to review EDC gear and peppers stuff your channel could rise to become one of the big ones for the broader audience and nice contrast to tough looking and acting people who tend to do such reviews normally (and by those acting annoy the heck out of me :wink: )

Yeah it’s a shame. Combined with what is mentioned in the video about Jetbeam not being responsive… ugh…

Love your videos man keep it up. It is a sharp looking light for sure!

I hadn’t heard about this. Thank you for the report.

Admittedly there were sevral parallels I thought of when shooting that sequence. Seek My face, Jesus is the light etc But until you mentioned it I’d not thought of that one. Now that you do, Yes. :slight_smile:

Thank you, that is beyond kind of you to say.

Another nice review of a nice light…… thanks VoB. :+1:

PS…. As others have already said, I must also; I really like your video reviews. They are just up close & personal and real. :slight_smile:

Keep it up my friend……… :+1:

Most people are nice when they try. Some just can’t and some make it look natural and easy. You are one of those. Thanks for all the great videos.

C of O? Not too far from my AO. I have known several students there. My kids are considering it also. But, I digress.
Excellent vid review as always! May have to get one now! Thanks man…

The clip looks like it could hurt inside the pocket, fortunately it is removable :stuck_out_tongue: