A17DD-S08 Giveaway #2 (CLOSED)

Have another giveaway its a A17DD-S08 anyone can enter tested and ready to go.......Star OT no Memory,ML,25,50,75,100%

will use randomorg.com and will end on Feb8th anytime

Count me in pleasel And Thank You!

I'm in for this one more than #1

In for this, thanks nitro!

Do you ship worldwide?

I’m in! Thanks :slight_smile:

Count me in! :bigsmile:


in :)

In: clueless when it comes to modding but will put it on a chain and hang around neck posing as a cool BLF-member

i am in,thanks.


Count me in.


Thank, you.

I'm in, thank you :)

count me in thanks

I’m in to tnx

Again thanks :slight_smile:

I’m in, thanks.

I’m in!