AA/14500 flood to throw light on sale

On sale on Ebay: 1AA or 14500 flood to throw light with clip. Cree Q5 9$. Looks like a Nitecore extreme.


Thanks for the tip.

Hmmm... it does look a lot like the SIPIK SK68 on DX...

It probably is!!

Unfortunately for me shipping not available for my country. I bought around 8-9 of these from dx. All q3. Their owners including me are happy enough with it.

Light arrived today. Took a long time but seller promised a resend or refund of my choice

if it did not come within a week. No LT-style rma here.

Light very bright. Takes 14500 batteries. Just as bright as my Romisens RC29 and C6.

All treads were dry and needed lubing, so did the lensslide, but no problem as the light

is very easy to disassemble. Clicky is recessed so it tailstand. Can be a little difficult

to unscrew. It should have had some knorling. Sturdy clip.

Recommend at saleprice.

It is. I got one of these lights, it was marked Sipik and it came with a pretty awful Sipik sheath. Really good light, though.

Out of curiosity how did you disassemble the head?

The crown unscrews just above the knurling on the head, and the pill can be unscrewed from the body using a pair of needle-nose pliers.