AA/AAA charger wanted

I've recently bought some LSD batteries and after much buggering about have determined that my hobby charger is just not happy charging single NiMh cells. I've never tried doing that before - 4 cell packs were the smallest I'd tried on it previously, which it is perfectly happy to do.

I did have a AA charger, but it is no longer working. I'll let it off though it was about 15years old.

So I'm after a charger for AA batteries and I want to spend upto about £20 ($30ish). I'd like to be able to set the charge rate and being able to take AAA's would also be good.

What would you recommend?

Does anyone charge AA NiMH's with a hobby charger with out issue?

I had several different AA/AAA chargers, but now i only use the Maha MH-C9000 http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=423 . It is one of the best AA/AAA chargers you can buy.

It is not cheap, but with this charger it is possible to check the real capacity of each cell. I had serious problems with a set of GP 2300mAh batteries that came in a set with a GP charger. After only 6 months one of the four cells was defect because of the very high charging current (the batteries were too hot to hold in my hands after charging). So never buy a fast charger, because it will kill the batteries. I use AA batteries in the camera-flash, and i want to know if they still have enough capacity so it won't run out of power if i need it.

Aloha Piers! I too have 2 C9000's and it's the best one out there for AA & AAA nimh batteries period. Have you checked to see how much a C9000 would cost you? There's got to be a store in the UK selling them.

Thomas Distributing is selling them for $48.97 + $4.97 shipping in the US. That's very cheap compared to the $70 & $60 (+ shipping) I spent on my 2 c9000 chargers. Maybe you can check with them and see what it would cost to ship to the UK. It's worth asking anyway.

The price of the C9000 is £50 here, around $80. Plus shipping. Only place I know of (though there will be others) advertising it is Maplin who are famously not cheap.

Maha c9000. Worth the money

+1 on the Maha C9000. i have this one as well. cost $60 here in Canada. i have been using it for a year. it allows u to set the charge rate and discharge rate and check cell capacity. i really like these features.

The Maha just seems like far to much money for so little flexibility, for that money you could by a good hobby charger.

Not quite sure which route I'll go, I might just have to build one my self at least hat way I'll know I can trust it.

Here you go Meritline has the La Crosse BC9009 for $47.99USD with free shipping, comes with a bunch of extra goodies.


But not free shipping outside of USA... for the UK add shipping-, customs-, VAT-, and import fees.

The La Crosse BC9009 is famous for melting down and starting fires too, I'd go with the MH-C9000 if I felt the need for a fancy NiMH charger.

I have LaCrosse BC-700. Very happy with it.

Hello there, you requested a budget charger.

You could try a Duracell Mobile Charger [CEF23]. They do not make them anymore but you may get lucky and find in your local drugstore, department store etc., or perhaps online. It has independent charging channels - 4 bays, ~550 ma charge rate and most importantly does seem to terminate the charge properly. I use that one when traveling, as it's quite portable and handy to plug into a wall socket. It's perfectly fine for charging your eneloops. Downside is, no discharge, analyze functions etc, but for ~$15-18 Canadian, I think I'll manage.

At home I use the Mh-C9000, but you requested budget charger and that Duracell fits the bill nicely. Most importantly, seek out a charger with independant charging channels.

Edit for Canadian customers: there's plenty of Duracell Mobile Chargers @ Shopper's Drug Mart, Walmart and Canadian Tire. Unfortunately price ranges from ~$35-42, but thought I'd pass along that they're still available. Overpriced for now, yet perhaps SDM will be nice and put them on their monthly sales.