AA/AAA Flashlight with RED LED

Any options guys? I’m looking to have one used as tail bike light.
Obviously, cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw an sk68 with red led in some thread here, found in eBay. But cannot find it now…

fasttech has sk68s that claim to have red and blue emitters, and one that claims to be yellow but has been confirmed not to be actually yellow.
Double check with their staff. Sometimes they know what they’re selling.

I looked there but nothing hank. Only green I see…

site:fasttech.com red led


here’s a blue:

often the pulldown menu on the right side of the page has other colors/variations that don’t show up in search

Sunwayman C21C “Thunderhammer”
I know - it’s not AA (though you can make it work with 14500 easily)… but it’s got a BRIGHT red emitter with blinky modes.

Bah 18650 cells…way to heavy for a small mount. Need an AA/AAA really :slight_smile:

you might do the trick by using red color filter lens cover

The ebay one does not ship to my country. This is exactly what I am looking for!! I loved the fasttech emitter too but I don’t know/have tools to solder.