AA Fans: New C88 XML @ Intl O

Browsing Intl O for new products and saw this light.

Cyclone C88 XM-L U2 910Lm Flashlight

This has been a BLF favorite light to mod now available with XML and AMC7135*8 (Nanjg 105C).


Starts at $45 shipped. Looks like a pretty good deal.

where's the 4AA battery carrier? None in pics.

Power supply( Not included ): 3*AA Batteries (Alkaline, NiMH)

They are just selling 4 aa eneloop batteries

What is the expected battery life?

Battery tube internal diameter 30mm

It's not fit 32650

That's awesome, great price to. I am sure Foys review had something to do with it that is almost the exact same light I made him.

Edit: I would really like to see what they use for a battery holder the old Ultrafire one had a hard time delivering 2.5amps never mind 2.8.

A King Kong 26650 will fit if you install a couple 2 mm thick O-rings on each end to make the body slightly longer.

Awesome! Wish it was 4AA for runtime. Price a little higher than I'd like.


or great minds just think alike

actually, didn't you stick some extra chips on foy's? I suppose 2.8 would be better for someone using AAs only.

garry - i don't think you'd get much more runtime. The flex360 that I modified w/ nanjg driver at 1.4A, and went from 3xAA to 4xAA doesn't seem to benefit. I'm going to do a real world test. I bought 2 more and I'll do one w/ the same driver but w/o changing the stock battery config. My guess is, it will vary w/ battery type and capacity. ie, it might be worth using 4 if you use batteries that voltage sag badly?

The 7135 are linear, if the input is much more the the output they become inefficient. Is the linear principle. So 3AA will be better than 4AA. There's also the possibility that with 4AA to have no gain s or quite the the opposite.

The closer you are to what the XM-L needs the more efficient it will be, close to 100%, once you input a lot, you start to go towards 60% efficiency which is actually not good.

yes, i suspect w/ utilitech AAs, it is actually the opposite (4 is worse), but at some point in the next few months we'll find out...

Yeah Foys has 2 extra chips for 3.5 amps max and 5 modes with no flashies and a moon low .02, .09, .70, 1.7, 3.5 amps

Once the NiMH drop the voltage from 1.45V to 1.2V, you have a very long quite flat discharging plateau to 1.1V (based on a 3A current for Eneloops) which should make 3 Eneloops pretty good. Considering the 3.35 vf XM-L need for 3A current. In high mode the 7135 based Najng drivers are CC then the rest of the modes are PWM.

I'm using 1.4A though - but I suppose if that means the Vf is even lower, then even more power is wasted?

Maybe this helps, you can see the mote the voltage is around the LED vf the more the efficiency is higher.

Or this Chinese test done by the EOSlamp manufacturer, for one of his drivers:

I get that part (but thanks for the data!)

but I'm not sure how Vf changes w/ drive current, ie if it is even worse to use 4AA at 1.4A then it is at 2.8A. I guess I could just check the cree datasheet :)

Shouldn't be much difference from 1.4A to 2.8A with 4AA. Should be better with 3AA that is for sure.

The vf is 3.1V at 1500mA according to Cree. However temperature will be very important.

thanks ;)

We've thoroughly derailed this thread.

somebody order this thing already!

OMG, I want one, but cant decide whether to go for this or wait for XB-D/XT-E lights with long runtime OR to wait for ZebraLight refresh.


Now, if this drops to 35, Im buying it!

BTW, whats the battery life on this using Eneloops?

BTW, this might seem like stupid question, but how this throws, will this out throw Sipik SK68 on AA?

Ok, another question - how much in parts would it cost to buy host, driver and the rest of the parts to make something as good as C88? Ok, the body probably wont be as well made and as good looking, but if its possible to do, how much, how good?
Sorry, Im really excited about this light, but 45$ ATM seem bit too high, theres no warranty and even tho one can probably repair anything in light this size(unlike smaller expensive lights) and do so for rather cheap money, I wouldnt mind to assemble one myself If I can do it high quality and for less than 30$ IM IN :D!

Group buy?